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Who are you? 
We are a women’s collective who are in our second year at Teesside University studying Fine Art. 

What is it you do? 
Our work has largely been based upon responding and reacting to the works that we’ve discovered within our environment. We’re gaining a new understanding into what it means to be a female artist and collectively, helping the movement further along into the future. We look at these themes and eras as something we can aid into a new light and modernise for a new generation to understand.

How long have you been doing it for? 
We are all involved in the art from different backgrounds as some of us studied in college or have been new to this experience. 

What is it that inspires you? 
We all like the idea of being a female only collective that is work all based around being uplifted or indifferent within the world. We like to be able to have work that is relatable content for the viewers. 

What have you got coming up? 
We have an exhibition on the 31st of March at Pineapple Black. This is an interactive experience for the viewers, hope to see you there. 

Where can people find more about use? 
Our Instagrams are 

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