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Turkey is probably the foremost exponent of remakes in the world. Anyone who is remotely familiar with YouTube culture will have probably come across videos critiquing the more-than-slightly DIY nature of these Turkish delights, popping fun at the shambolic acting, baffling dialogue and, sometimes, complete lack of attention to the original storyline. It’s these elements that somehow make the movies pretty endearing and have earned them the status of being cult classics. On Thursday 4th December, the Star and Shadow Cinema is showing the Turkish remake of one of history’s most popular movies: Star Wars.

So, remember how in the original Star Wars Luke Skywalker became a jedi and went to fight the dark side, only to find out that Darth Vader was his father? You know, the classic tale of good versus evil? Well, Turkish Star Wars puts its own unique spin on the now-classic tale. And by spin, I mean that they almost completely rewrite the script. Now it’s about two men who crash on a desert planet and end up fighting skeletons, zombies and strange furry creatures. Oh, and the soundtrack is made up of theme songs from other blockbusters like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Moonraker. Yep, really. So, maybe the film doesn’t have a lot to do with the George Lucas version but really, who cares? It’s bound to be an entertaining, slightly oddball evening.

Turkish Star Wars screens at The Star and Shadow Cinema on Thursday 4th December.

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