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YES CHEF is a new project spawned in lockdown from Newcastle’s Callum Church that uses sludgy slacker sounds to create pop-rock ditties. The project is being brought to life via a live band consisting of Callum’s drinking buddies and an EP will be released early next year with a string of singles leading up to the release.  

Steamrolla is the follow up to their debut single, Two Mile Lunacy. It’s a song about not losing your mind when going over the same ground repeatedly and was recorded in the living room on a borrowed work computer. With it’s cool, lo-fi vocals, shimmery riffs and flowing rhythm all brought together with a DIY/60s style veneer, this latest offering is a thoroughly enjoyable affair that you’ll want soundtracking your Autumnal lockdown strolls.

We ask Callum to try and sum up Yes Chef’s sound using three songs…

Ffunny Ffrends – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
I think the first choice would have to be Ffunny Ffriends by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I could have put any of their songs from the first album on the list. It just sounds so warm and nice. I inadvertently pinched the whole style of the distorted drums and twangy guitar when I was recording this tune and the rest (except I’m not as much of a shredder as Ruban).


Australia – The Kinks
This song is crazy uplifting. I have pretty vivid memories of being cooped up in my flat in Heaton right in the middle of the lockdown in May, fairly miserable, hammering this song daily and it’s just stuck with me since. It’s made me start writing proper happy music when I’m fairly used to writing music that isn’t particularly joyous. It’s also an excellent advert for Australia, probably great for their tourism. 

Heavy Makeup – Tobacco
This one sounds pretty much nothing like what I do, but I listen to Tobacco so much that somewhere down the line there must be something having an effect on what I do. If you’re a fan of psychedelic electronic rock it’ll probably sit well with you. I got introduced to Tobacco by a relative years ago and have been obsessed since. It’s so fat and nasty that it leaves a crust on your speakers after playing it. The only case where Tobacco is good for your health. 


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