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Trunky Juno’s exploration of lo-fi bedroom pop continues with his latest single and wobbly-pop indie anthem, Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes. The track deals with running away from expectations and problems in (just under) three minutes of musical loveliness, which TJ tries to encapsulate using three songs…

Big Star – September Gurls
I think Big Star is a good starting point for my three choices. They sit very high up on the indie family tree, and most alternative music can be traced back through the generations to their influence. If every member of Pavement’s Dad was in a band, this is what I’d imagine it would sound like. I love those insanely bright and melodic guitar sounds, and I   tend to incorporate similar Fendery tones into my music. 

The Moldy Peaches – NYC’s Like A Graveyard
I think this is a song that captures a mood very well. It’s a really stupid, brash little punk rock track that mixes up a big pot of nostalgia and naivety, and the energy and fun in the recording overflows to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. I think having a mix of some really rough sounds thrown into a song can really ground a song and make it feel more personal. 

The Flaming Lips – You n Me Sellin’ Weed
This is my favourite song from the latest Flaming Lips album, and I think it’s a really sweet little track. It’s amazing that they’re in their 5th decade as a band, and they’re still releasing music as good as this. It sounds like it could easily be a Beabadoobie song, and I’ve always really enjoyed Wayne Coyne’s lyrics. I don’t know exactly what happens when the second verse comes in, but there’s some kind of change in the vocal production that sounds ace.

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