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Newcastle-based alt-rock trio The Timewasters are set to perform at Cluny 2 on Tuesday 29th August. The band are comprised of Theo Wicks, Phoenix Atkinson, and Lucy Izzy and released their sophomore EP, heartbreaker, earlier in the year.

To give you a flavour of what to expect at the show, the band give us three tracks from other artists to help summarise their sound…

The Stranglers – This Song (Pheonix’s Choice)
Yes, yes. I want to be JJ Burnel. But This Song epitomises something I want to capture as a musician. This is pure Stranglers, and JJ Burnel is such an excellent bassist who has completely inspired my bass playing. It’s got a catchy melody, possibly the perfect instrumental, and a video that proves my theory that Stuart Pearce should sack off management and punditry and become the next James Bond.
Queen – The Prophet’s Song (Lucy’s Choice)
Queen are my all-time favourite band and I think this song is incredible and is such a mix of everything, much like a lot of our own songs, but this wraps it all up in just under 8 minutes. Everything from the choral singing and massive harmonies to the way the beat drops off and we are left with an absolutely breathtaking guitar line, it’s incredible and huge yet feels so good to listen to. 
Queens of the Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do
I have a picture of the lyrics on my bedroom wall. It’s absolutely outstanding and inspires me a lot. The drum beat is solid and inspires me a ton, Josh’s singing is really interesting. He sings really well but all the music seems punk and thrown together, yet the melodies are so clearly carefully made. 

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