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North-East music outfit The Last Of The Fallen Angels team up with Derbyshire-based solo artist and singer with Giant Silent World, Pete Gustard for their latest single, One Mistake (released 1st October).

Creative spark behind the project, aka Conrad McQueen, met Pete online and, with a shared passion for 80’s beat-driven indie, they put their head together to create a song. The track they come up with is a pumped-up, pulsating piece of synth-pop. 

Here, Conrad tries to sum up the sounds of the new track using three songs…

The The, Orange Juice, Cabaret Voltaire and David Lynch’s Eraserhead – all things that influenced Pete and Conrad for One Mistake, the next single by Last of the Fallen Angels.

Pete and I met online chatting about our influences after our songs were both played on the same Manchester radio station last year. We bonded over our shared appreciation of The The, Orange Juice and Cabaret Voltaire. It’s not surprising that our new single One Mistake shares the heritage of those beat-driven bands.

Our first choice is Mercy Beat by The The from the “Infected” LP – although it could easily have been anything from the Soul Mining album. Matt Johnson’s voice is just beautiful.

Next up Orange Juice’s Bridge. The guitar groove is so infectious and with those drums and Edwyn Collins’ tale of a troubled relationship, what’s not to love!

Finally Cabaret Voltaire’s Sensoria with its amazing video. I love the effects and the brooding nature of the visuals. A definite influence when we came to make the “One Mistake” video with Art Mouse (from the incredible band Mouses). We bonded with him over a shared love of David Lynch –  (particularly his 1977 film Eraserhead – which is our final choice. 


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