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Newcastle indie-rockers The Avelons are set to drop their latest single, The Barricades, on Saturday 11th December followed by a headline show to celebrate its release at The Globe, Newcastle that evening.

Here, the band try to encapsulate the sound of their latest release using three songs…

U2 – Beautiful Day 
Inevitably our debut single, The Barricades was going to be influenced by U2 in one way or another. Beautiful Day’s driving chorus, massive dynamics and jolting guitars are all elements we’ve pushed to include in our sound from a creative point of view.When writing The Barricades we really wanted to create something with a punchy, well driven chorus without things getting too heavy and still giving enough attention to the lyrics and we felt like U2 as a whole manage this effortlessly with their tracks, especially Beautiful Day. When I listen to both tracks now there’s a certain feel of optimism while looking back. 

Pixies – Debaser
When listening to Pixies I’m always struck by the dirty,powerful edge which defines their sound. As a band we’ve always wanted to have a sound that stands out, nothing too aggressive but also if we have something to say we want to be heard and Pixies always seem to convey that message in their tracks effortlessly. From the grit at its peaks to the flow of nostalgic violence, we all feel like tracks such as Debaser have had an impact on our song writing. 

The Clash – White Riot
We couldn’t not credit King Joe and the boys. The Clash have this ability to light a fire within you and make you feel exactly what they want you to and there’s very few artists with that ability. White Riot has an indirect influence on The Barricades, lyrically I feel as though it could be Strummer and co. looking back on the riot itself, wondering if they still had it in them now their ideals have wavered. Plus, The Barricades IS riot music.

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