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Secret Assembly are an anonymous collaboration that has evolved out of the current lockdown and features two Teesside based artists who fancied something a little different. The duo releases their debut single, Love Inside on Friday 15th May via local label Shoebox Records, a succulent slice of wah-wah driven funk/house with a smidgen of old school rave that clocks in at 3 minutes (expect extended remixes very soon).

Using only three tracks, the duo tries to describe their sound to us…

Robert Miles – Children
A lot of the big, classic dance tracks are purely, or mostly, instrumental. This is the pinnacle of that in terms of the mellower side of dance music. The atmosphere and build is textbook and it takes you off to sunny shores and bright nights. It’s such a simple idea and hook and we try to achieve that through instruments or vocals. There’s a lot of subtlety to the music beyond that big piano hook though too. Little details that creep out if you listen closely.

Fisher – Losing It
Just a funky, sparse, glitchy monster of a track that goes off in a club. Love the stuff on it that, technically, is too loud for the rest of the track but it’s those ballsy details that you need. Our first single “Love Inside” starts as a wah-wah driven, fairly organic sounding funk track but splits in the middle with a rave keyboard riff that most would shy away from. You’ve got to go to some places people won’t touch. A lot of modern music – in all genres – has the edges taken off because it’s so easy to do with digital editing. We leave them on, keeping the human element where possible.

Can – Halleluwah
Can are a massive influence. Not necessarily that we sound like their output but mostly in the way they approached making music. Oh and we love a bit of dirty wah-wah too. Get a load of ideas down and cut/paste pieces together to create a song that you wouldn’t have written another way. We both come from quite traditional “songwriting” backgrounds and have other lives and successes doing that but this project is to push us out of those tried and tested ways. We’re not bothered about clear or complete narratives in these songs. We just aim to get emotive phrases that sound good and repeat well. The same goes for the instruments. It’s often just a case of jamming over a beat without thinking and then going back and picking out the nuggets. Now and then we’ll go back and replicate or re-record elements but it’s mostly those raw takes that are used.

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