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North-East rapper Scrannabis drops Butterflies, his first single of 2021. This ‘heart on sleeve’ track, which features his now signature sound of soft guitar sound, jazzy piano and vibrant bass, sees him collaborating with vocalist Kate Bond who reached out to him after hearing his music.

We asked Scrannabis to think of three songs that best encapsulate the essence of this latest release. Here’s what he came up with…

1. Eugene by Arlo Parks 
Sonically this is definitely a big influence for me. Especially with the latest single, Butterflies. Arlo has influenced me to wear my heart on my sleeve more. Her lyrical content mixed with the very live sounding mix really resonated with me. Her sound is very reminiscent of old school hip hop in my opinion but the soft tones and harmonies her vocals bring to the table are just just out of this world. Such a fresh sound I would love to work with her sometime. 

2. Diddy Bop by Noname
Where do I start with this one? Everything from the dreamy synths to the vibrant gliding bass gospel sounding harmonies. I began listening to this song before I even started putting out songs I was genuinely serious about. This song and whole ‘telephone’ album by Noname as a whole definitely influences my musical dexterity.

I love the pockets of her flow, the soulfulness of her sound  and her ability to sound just so effortless. 

3. Loose Ends by Loyle Carner, Joja Smith 
Overall Loyle Carner is the biggest inspiration for me and my sound. This song in particularly is just so soulful and elegant. From Jorja’s beauty of a voice to Loyle’s trademark effortless flow. What really makes me connect to this song in particular is how Loyle describes his particular situation of being the person who pays the people that are close to him with grace and in such a way that, although it’s rare people are gonna fully understand how he feels, you can do nothing but connect to the raw feeling he’s laying down. For me Loyle Carner is the peak of British hip-hop and a true poetic genius. Someone who I truly idolise and hope to work with some day. An unbelievable track from an incredible person.

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