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Berwick rockers Not Now Norman recently released their new single, Save Me, a song reflecting on the current underlying tensions of climate change and military conflict. 

Here, the band try and encapsulate the track using three other songs…

The Pretty Reckless – 25
I’ve been a fan since they released their debut single ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ and I’ve always been an admirer of Taylor Momsen’s vocals. There is a lot of grit, sass and anger in her voice. Not to mention her persona and presence takes charge and is very commanding. The song 25 is a different style to what they usually release, there’s a bit of a James Bond element to it as well which I love.

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life 
Again, I’ve always been an admirer of Amy Lee’s vocals since I was a child. When we started writing Save Me we wanted something a little different to our usual recording style. Instead of anger and sassiness, we wanted something that was full of anger and sorrow and Amy Lee’s vocals embody just that. We tried to make it feel like the planet was begging for change, while also giving a glimpse of the fiery future.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Our guitarist, Zander Brown has always been a huge fan of Black Sabbath since the days where disco was popular. In fact, Tony Iommi was his inspiration to take up guitar and start bands in the first place. So as a result, he always tries to spice our music up with a Sabbathesque riff or two wherever possible.


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