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Teesside rock ‘n’ rollers Northern Hospitality are set to drop their brand new track, Break Free on Friday 5th July. The single with it punchy punk rhythms, crunchy guitars and impassioned vocals tells a “tale of inner turmoil and frustration, vented through beautifully crafted chaos.”

We asked the band to try and summarise the sounds of their latest release using three tracks…

Queens of the Stone Age – Song Of The Dead
This intro genuinely is one the best ever written in my eyes!! The explosiveness and furiosity that kicks in after the tension is built is something we have always strived for in our own music. In our own shows, we always come out the blocks swinging, with a big intro and heavy hitter. Runaway, like me, has always taken up that mantle but with our new set opener “6 Shooter Serenade” being debuted at Soundwave festival, we hope to give everyone the same energy. Heavy Guitars, Thundering drums and a sea of limbs. 

Green Day  – Welcome To Paradise 
Green Day has always been a huge infuse on myself and my music. Their control of melody over blistering guitars is very much at the forefront of my mind when writing songs. The mix of the backing vocal and main vocal always set them ahead of the other bands in the same genre for me, sounding like a punk Beatles. 

They have a huge stage presence at their gigs and we always hope to bring to our own shows. Sheer energy!! It doesn’t get much better than Welcome To Paradise. 

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit 
What can we say about this band and this song that hasn’t already been said?! 

Big guitars, Gritty vocals and a chorus that would blow any roof clean off. They have been a big influence on us from the start and I think you can tell that from how we sound. One Pedal, One Gear, GO. 

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