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Middlesbrough’s dance-inducing masters of funk Moon Wax drop their brand new single, It’s Real. This three and a bit minute long club banger is filled with disco grooves, smooth and silky vocals and a euphoric string and synth soaked chorus. It’s guaranteed to fill dance floors wherever it is played.

Here, the band try and encapsulate the sound of their new single using three songs…

Main Vein – Jamiroquai
We’re pretty sure that every show we play, someone will hit us with, “you guys sound like Jamiroquai”. No comment makes us happier. Main Vein, from the 2001 record A Funk Odyssey, heavily inspired us during the writing and production of ‘Its Real’, especially with the use of strings and synthesisers bringing the track to life with that disco-house feel. The back end of Main Vein hits HUGE with the female BV’s and the jazz inspired chord changes, and this is again something we try to interpret in our releases. Every musical decision we make through Moon Wax, we ask “What would Jamiroquai do?”, and it’s never led us astray. They are the best.

Witchoo – Durand Jones & The Indications
We absolutely LOVE what these guys are doing for modern soul and funk. These guys are literally keeping it ALIVE. This tune is straight out of a 70’s roller disco, you can literally visualise the moves you’d be seeing. We’re massive fans of falsetto vocals, made famous by the likes of the Bee Gees, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, and Aaron Frazer (Lead Vocal) absolutely smashes it out the park on this one. You can hear throughout this tune that ‘fat back’, four on the floor beat that is a regular through our tracks, as it just gets you grooving out straight off the bat. Witchoo is a track that NEEDS to be in your playlists.

She’s Too Good For Me – Franc Moody
We stumbled across Franc Moody’s most recent record Dream in Colour, not too long ago. As we listened to it we both had the same realisation… this record just gets better and better. It’s fuelled by pure funk, and is crowned by an outrageous bass tone on every track. ‘She’s too good for me’ is definitely one of the stand out tracks with a massively catchy hook and dreamy synth parts filling your ears. This inspired us to write the hook in Its Real, and hopefully is one that will stick in your head for weeks, and have the potential to be remixed by DJ’s. If we had any suggestion for a start to finish album to stick on at a party, just slap on ‘Dream in Colour’ by Franc Moody. We do.

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