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Hot on the heels of his first album Savage Times, Newcastle-based electronic artist MARQelectronica returns with his latest single, Boy. A dramatic, dance-inducing number that mixes deep house bass, hot orchestral strings and EDM synths.

Here, the artist tries to encapsulate his sound using other songs…

Prior to my showcase gig with Sam Thomas at Mosaic Tap on 3rd November and my latest track Boy coming out on 14th October and my album Savage Times, here are three tracks that describe my sound.

Freemasons/Eurythmics  Here Comes The Rain Again2 (remix). There’s a creepy drama and elevated funkiness to the music with the orchestral pizzicato strings and atmospheric piano matched by addictive drums and bass and a definite 80s edge which sums up most of my music.


The second track would be Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me. Its electro-dance euphoria sums up the edge in some of my album and forthcoming tracks. This is a funky hook-laden and synth-filled dance fever dream of a track that reminds me of some of my earlier work with Simon Ellis and Harbourmaster and the sound permeates throughout my album Savage time  (available on my band camp and on all streaming platform and at HMV Newcastle on CD – shameless plug.

Mura Masa – Love For That includes some of the more chilled beats and funky vibes of my (almost) ballads I’m yet to release (coming in 2023 called Push and Never Go Away).  There’s a trap element to a lot of these tracks and a deep house bass throughout that reminds me of this track but there’s a real edge to this track that meets the beautiful lyrics I think I’ve hopefully evoked in some of my new forthcoming songs.

I would say the Freemason’s track is the epitome of my sound,  funky dance with a dark orchestral electro edge. I want people to have something for their head and their heart and their feet so they can dance and also, despite some of my subject matter, connect or gain strength from the lyrics while the music lifts their soul.

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