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Lizzie Esau drops Cool, her third single of 2024. The track with its harmonious, angelic opening, mid-nineties alt/college-rock sounding instrumentation and fierce, erruptive choruses discusses imposter syndrome, not fitting in and self-doubt.

Here, Lizzie tries to encapsulate the sound of the Cool using three other tracks…

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

For the more dreamy and intimate parts of the music, I think this is always our reference point. This song has an incredible sway to it and such beautiful depth to the soundscape as well as the lyrics. There are songs of ours such as ‘Lazy Brain’ and ‘Stay on the Phone’ that definitely take inspiration from this. I find it so exciting to blend genres and dramatically change up the mood of a track halfway through to keep people guessing and take them on a journey through the emotions explored in the song. 

Pixies – Debaser

This track is one of my all-time favourites, the live energy and fierce vocal delivery is something I try to carry into all of our music. The rawness of this track reminds me of new things we have coming up very soon like our new single ‘Cool’ coming on the 6th of June. As well as this the songs with explosive energy such as ‘Wait Too Late’ and ‘Impossible + Strange’ also take inspiration from the vibe created in this track. We are constantly prioritising in recording how a track feels over everything, something Debaser does effortlessly well. So if you love them you might just love us!

Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional 

Wolf Alice are undoubtedly one of my favourite bands of all time. This track for me is the perfect alt-pop song. They do pop/rock so well giving it depth and feel and grit while still being able to strip it right back to just a great song with incredible melodies and unique lyrics. We’re always striving for this and make sure we’re starting with a great skeleton of a track that we can then fill out with different sounds and experimentation. But Wolf Alice have always taught me to start with something great and then make it even better if that makes sense haha! If you’re a Wolf Alice fan (you’d be crazy not to be) I’m sure you’ll find something you love within our back catalogue and in future releases coming your way soon!

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