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South Shields rapper, multi-instrumentalist and stand up comedian Jack Fox is to releases his latest single Shotgun Hotline. The track, which was produced and recorded by Fox and mixed and mastered by South Shields producer harbourmaster, looks to bring back some of the old school flava with a traditional hip-hop style beat.  

Sampling a seventies soul-funk classic (which Jack discusses later) the track is filled with wit, retro charm and a warm and playful vocal delivery. And, as you can imagine from a song written by a comedian (apart from maybe Lee Evans), there is plenty of wit and razor-sharp observations that will have you chuckling aloud in the silent, empty house you have found yourself trapped in for nearly a year.

Here, Jack tries his best to summarise his new single using three songs…

The Notorious B.I.G. – Machine Gun Funk
SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCOREEEE? Fun story, I was actually going to call ‘Shotgun Hotline’ ‘Shotgun Hotline Funk’ as an ode to this song. Nobody was rapping like this when Ready to Die first came out, and not many have done it better since. The effortless flow, the way Biggie rides the funk sample, the imagery in the lyrics – everything about hearing this song made me want to start rapping.

Shotgun – Hotline
I couldn’t not mention this one, right? My good friend and regular collaborator Harbourmaster sent me a punch of loops including this one, after trimming it down then speeding it up it became the beat for Shotgun Hotline (also, see where I get the title from now?). It’s just so funky and so full of soul, I also like how the synths make it sound a little bit weird and unusual – like if an alien was trying to make a 70s dance song.

Also, big fan of Tyrone Steels from Shotgun appearing in the YouTube comments to thank everyone for listening. Nice guy!

Action Bronson – Easy Rider
Bronson is a cartoon character. I like the humour he uses in his lyrics and the images he creates in his videos. The ridiculous, over the top nature in his music made me realise it’s okay to just have fun with it. Which is what I’m trying to do with Shotgun Hotline. I could have picked any number of AB songs but I love the beat on this song, and the wailing guitar solo during the outro – icing on the cake.

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