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North-East “glam-drag” music-maker Fiona Liquid releases single number three, Lights. Offering a bittersweet reflection of past nights out, this latest track is a gritty slice of indie disco loveliness brimming with driven post-punk bass, sharp disco synths and fuzzed-up New York punk riffs that provide a vibrant platform for Fiona’s Lou Reed-esque vocal to dance about upon.

Here, Fiona tries to encapsulate the song’s sound with a FFO…

1. Bloc Party – Banquet
Every Fiona Liquid song starts with a base inspiration. Banquet is the initial base for ‘Lights’. The floor tom-driven drums and panning guitar line was my starting point along with a bass line I’ve had kicking about for nearly three years.

2. New Order – Age Of Consent
Peter Hook is my favourite bassist. A lot of people will point to bassist with more technical ability but no one wrote as many killer riffs as Hooky. I always loved the constant momentum of this song. How the bass riff slightly changes but mainly stays on those first two notes. I wanted to try and replicate that feeling of an incessant riff. Also, Barney’s vocals almost wondering, searching vocals are my favourite vocal track he’s ever done, especially the added ferocity in the final verse.


3. Radiohead – Climbing Up The Walls
Speaking of fantastic vocal performances. Thom Yorks vocal in ‘Climbing Up The Walls’ is up there as one of his best. The scream at the end was a massive influence. The overall feeling of creeping dread in this song is absolutely haunting. Hopefully, I was able to rub off some of its essence onto ‘Lights’. Not haunting but a definite melancholy.

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