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Newcastle quartet Edenthorn follow up their previous release (and Classic Rock Magazine’s track of the week) with their latest single 1993. Completed during the second lockdown and with a punchy, yet melodic sound, it’s a track that harks back to much simpler times. That said, looking to the future, the band are doing alright and are in process of preparing new releases, confirming slots at Dementia Aware Fest and Planet Rockstock 2021, as well as premiering a special acoustic performance of 1993 from their YouTube Channel (subscribe here). 

Here, the band try to capture the essence of their new single using three songs…

Black Magic Woman – Santana 
We fancied having a play around with some different types of sounds and feels on this record and Black Magic Woman by Santana definitely inspired this. When we first began writing this song we wanted to stray away from the usual intro/verse/chorus/verse 2/chorus structure and do something a little different. Dylan added a couple of solos in places you wouldn’t normally expect a solo to be as well as some percussion and organ to bring some flavour into the mix! 

Hunger Strike – Temple Of The Dog
We love the vibe and feel of this track and obviously, with our new single being named ‘1993’ it was only right that we’d use a 90’s reference. We love the dynamics of this track, the way it starts off with solo guitar and vocal, then just builds and builds and takes you on an epic 4 – minute journey. This is definitely something we aimed to achieve with our latest release. 

Hotel California – Eagles 
As with Hotel California, 1993 has a story based, reminiscent type feel and we wanted the listener to relate to the song whether they were born in 1993 or not. The song isn’t a dedication to the year, it is more about looking back at simpler times but it’s written in a story-like, narrative manner with references to cool things from that time. The Eagles have a way with lyrics in that they are relatable, universal and easy to listen to. This is certainly something we geared toward when putting this track together.

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