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North-East electronic music producer Chop5 (aka Anthony Wilson) releases his new single Deadmarch. His sound incorporates elements of house, techno, trance and acid and this latest offering is rich in old-school flavour and offers sharp beats, sweeping euphoric synths and a sci-fi ambience. 

Here, Anthony tells us more about what inspired the track…

Planetary Assault Systems – Booster (Peacefrog)

For all I love Luke Slater’s heavier stuff, Booster is possibly my favourite PAS track, a heavy kick, funky percussion loops and that bassline really get the groove going, the synth stabs and strings that come in later give that air of tension before the kick and bass bring you back to giving it some on the dance floor.  Expertly put together as you would expect from LS and not a massively complicated track, sometimes less is more when putting music together, get the important elements right and the rest will come together nicely.  A track I refer back to a lot.

Eat Static – The Brain (Planet Dog)

Released in 1993, I think, and was a track on the Lost in Time EP, which I had but, alas, has been lost in time! The Brain again is quite a simple tune when it’s broken down but pulses along with steadily incorporating grainy samples from sci-fi B movies before that searing synth lead drops in and takes you skyward.  If ever I think something is lacking from my music it usually requires a sample of some sort, usually from old tv shows, documentaries, films etc.  I’ve caught them live a number of times in the past and loved seeing the stage full of synths which have influenced my live set up somewhat.

Funk D’Void Diabla (Heavenly Mix) (Soma)

If ever there was a tune that got me back into producing music, then Diabla made me do it! Unmistakable from the off, the percussion and synths build the tension before that massive sweeping synth melody kicks in.  I’ve always been a fan of the more melodic side of techno and this track epitomises what I’m trying to achieve when I produce tracks and play live, and playing live is something that all three artists do or have done in the past.  Producing music is one thing but to take that music out of the studio to play to an audience allows you to take songs in a different direction, make changes and sometimes give you a better perspective of what works and what doesn’t… sometimes with surprising results!

So there you have it, three tracks that encapsulate what I am producing and doing live. It has been mentioned that my music has a 90s vibe about it. I have to admit though, I am showing my age with these, with the most recent track here being from 2001!  

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