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Teesside indie-outfit Cigar Cigar drop their latest single Warsaw Sky, taken from their upcoming debut album, The Edge Of The Conversation. This haunting ballad with its mariachi trumpet opening, bright guitars and dashing rhythms will be accompanied by a short film made in collaboration with The Northern School of Art.

Here the band picks three songs that inspired the track…

The Stone Roses – Waterfall
The song has a dreamy quality which resembles some of the dreamy tones of Cigar Cigar. Although the styles are different the other-worldliness rings through. They are the band that inspired me to pick up an instrument more than any other. The first guitar band I ever really got involved with after years of going to all-nighters and northern soul nights. The first band to make me want to go and actually see a live band and this track always shone through. Still a turn-to track when I’m out doing DJ sets and it’s probably the only one I will play every time. Seeing it played live back in the day gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling, or was that something else I was enjoying at the time?

U2 – Pride (in the name of love)
From the wall of sound at the start to the chiming, ambient verses. It seemed to be a new form of rock style affected by the introduction of Brian Eno. The band that inspired me to pick up a guitar and pursue a career in music. Pioneering use of soundscapes from The Edge led me down a bit of a rabbit hole and still influences the way I approach guitar playing today. Using textures and atmosphere to create an overall soundscape. A lot of similar sounds are applied across Cigar Cigar’s music in various ways. 

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
The first track I ever played on repeat. The first song I have to play whenever I buy a new stereo, get in a new car, or buy a new turntable. Smiths-related OCD. The sounds coming from Johnny Marr’s guitar were something I’d never heard before and seemed more reminiscent of a shoegaze band than what they are – the greatest band since The Beatles. The lyrics are perfect and the time in-between the verses lets you wander into an almost catatonic state. The sound, the words, the idea of asking such a poignant question in pop music still stands the test today. The song above all I wish I’d written.

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