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The acclaimed Proto-type Theater bring their play The Audit (or Iceland, a modern myth) to ARC in Stockton on Thursday 1st March at 7pm as part of a national tour. Incorporating performance, original text, film, animation and specially composed music, the show examines how contemporary myth-making obscures and rewrites the truth to perpetuate systems, governments and hierarchies. It tells how one small island nation raised their voices in protest, and how collective power can move a mountain – even if only a little.

They appropriately chose their top five songs about money.

Barrett Strong: Money (That’s What I Want)
It feels like every subsequent recording has assumed another layer of irony, but this original version is upbeat and honest about the reason it’s been written.

Pink Floyd: Money
A bass-line to end all bass-lines, and some prescient warnings about greed, capitalism and the profit-at-all-cost horrors to come…

Destiny’s Child: Bills, Bills, Bills
Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle – three reasons for inclusion in any top five list.

Simply Red: Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) 
This was such an ear-worm when we were making the show that the title made it’s way into our script. Damn you Hucknall, damn you and your unfortunately catchy ‘pop’

M.I.A.: Paper Planes
Full of samples, sound effects, stubbornness, and the desire to shake things up – love it!

The Audit (or Iceland, a modern myth) is at ARC, Stockton on Thursday 1st March.

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