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Stuck for something to do in the next seven days? Don’t worry – our handy guide will keep you occupied with lovely cultural happenings taking place all over the region. This week we’ve got some abrasive but lovable American comedy, cartoons about bubble butts, a bit of speculative history, ear-bleeding rock and much more.

Monday 28th September
STAGE King Charles III @ Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning monarch in British history overtaking her grandmother, Queen Victoria. As a result, it doesn’t look like Prince Charles will get a lot of time on the throne. With his popularity seemingly lower than that of his sons, though, how would people react to his time as a British ruler? Would he be a good King? King Charles III is a new, critically acclaimed speculative history play that asks these questions with some biting humour and more than a good dose of intelligence. Maybe what happens in the play won’t come to pass but it’ll still be a jolly good time for anyone who sees it, old chap.

Tuesday 29th September
MUSIC God Damn @ The Cluny, Newcastle

God Damn are endorsed by Foo Fighters and Nirvana legend Dave Grohl. If that doesn’t get the rock lovers out to see them at The Cluny on Tuesday, nothing will. They namecheck their influences as everything from The Beatles to Slipknot (making for some wonderfully diverse yet noisy compositions) and, in a recent interview with us, they even declared their love for each other. They’re mostly known for their ferocious live shows though and their set at the relatively small venue is definitely one that requires some earplugs.

Wednesday 30th September
FILM Death of a Gentleman @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

“I don’t like cricket” sang 10CC once. Well, maybe if they’d seen Death of a Gentleman they’d at least have been a bit intrigued by it. This revealing documentary follows the story of two cricket journalists as they try to get to the heart of the sport they love. Unfortunately, they end up unearthing one of the biggest scandals sport has ever seen. Detailing moral and financial corruption in some of the world’s biggest cricket boards, this a film about passion, but also one about the corrupting nature of greed and power.

Thursday 1st October
ART AND LIT Nuala C Murphy @ Arc, Stockton

Eastbourne-based artist Nuala C Murphy loves nothing more than the minutiae of life. Her work focuses on hairstyles, grannies, rappers and bubble butts (who isn’t?) and depicts them in such a colourful and playful manner that it’s hard not to completely fall in love with her work. And maybe her. A little bit. In all seriousness, Murphy’s cartoons are a fun splash of vibrancy that will lighting up Stockton’s Arc from the Thursday but underneath the primary colours and thick-set lines there’s a wry look at modern urban life too. Get your curvalicious booty down there.

Friday 2nd October
ART AND LIT Sunderland Literature Festival @ Various, Sunderland

The legacy that Wearside has in the world of literature is often overlooked, but this month’s bumper festival taking place across Sunderland is aiming to set the records straight. It all kicks off on Friday with a screening of Sunderland on Film, featuring world-renowned reporter and Sunderland native Kate Adie, before moving on to other venues in the city across the month for a series of talks, workshops and exhibitions. Lost Voice Guy and Kate Fox are both getting involved, as are some of the top writers in various genres. It’s set to be a real page turner of a festival.

Saturday 3rd October
MUSIC Hannabiell & Midnight Blue, Baghdaddies, Pikey Beatz, Northern Monkey Brass Band @ Boiler Shop Steamer, Newcastle

It’s the first weekend of October and that can only mean one thing: it’s Boiler Shop Steamer time! This time, alongside all the lip-smackingly good food, drink and DJ mixes usually on offer – we’re bringing you one of our strongest line ups ever, with four bands at the top of their game. Hanabiell & Midnight Blue are headlining with their mix of world jams, while the Baghdaddies will be providing the main support. Ska and reggae party band Pikey Beatz will be firing up the crowd around 5pm, while kicking off the day are the Northern Monkey Brass Band and their brand of New Orleans funk with a Geordie twist. If you miss this one there won’t be another opportunity for a few months, so you know where to be on Saturday…

Sunday 4th October
COMEDY Doug Stanhope @ Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle

Thank you Charlie Brooker. If it wasn’t for your regular slots on Screenwipe and Newswipe, I’d probably have never heard of Doug Stanhope, the angry American comedian who gets pretty much every observation on popular culture bang on. With comedy touching on everything from vile perversion to harsh social criticism, which has earned him two awards for Time Out New York’s Best Comedy Performance. Not bad for someone who started out telling rude jokes for free drinks in Las Vegas.

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