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Stuck for something to do in the next seven days? We aim to have you covered with an event a day for the next week, all across the region. This time around we have a powerful film, incredible theatre, political music, a new comedy panel show and a whole lot more…

Monday 17th October
STAGE Frankenstein @ Gala, Durham
To mark the bicentenary of the creation of Frankenstein, Blackeyed Theatre bring a brand new stage adaptation of Mary Shelley’s gothic horror classic out on a UK tour. Following the original tale closely, John Ginman’s adaptation sees an obsessive Victor Frankenstein in pursuit of nature’s secret, the elixir of life itself

Tuesday 18th October
ART & LIT Floating Point by Paul Dolan @ B&D Studios, Newcastle
Utilising modern technology to create something truly fascinating, visual artist Paul Dolan brings new exhibition Floating Point to B&D Studios in Newcastle on Tuesday. The senior lecturer in animation at Northumbria University shows a real gift for videogame and computer simulation software to create programmed environments which over the duration of the exhibition allow themselves to gradually transform to reveal the structural depth they have and the mechanisms in place to hold them together.

Wednesday 19th October
STAGE Broken Biscuits @ Live Theatre, Newcastle
With a funny script and rocking soundtrack, young writer Tom Wells who brought us Jumpers For Goalposts presents a new coming of age tale about music and friendship. This is an engaging play filled with warmth, is one we highly recommend catching during its run.

Thursday 20th October
MUSIC Chris T-T @ Cumberland Arms, Newcastle
Stern in the face of the selfie crowd pointing and jeering for the benefit for their right-on friends, the talented troubadour showcases his new output, which snarls in the face of complacency. With a mammoth back catalogue to select the rest of the set from, his incisive wit and bold storytelling is a real joy throughout his folksy tracks, and the T-T experience is one we heartily recommend getting on board with.

Friday 21st October
ART & LIT / MUSIC Fight Like A Girl @ Bar Loco, Newcastle
A collective of young musicians, writers and visual artists from the feminist & LGBT community make up the Fight Like A Girl Project. The baby of legend of the London folk underground, Lilith Ai, the yearly event sees the launch of a mixtape and zine showcasing work from members of the collective, and there’s a live show featuring performances from Lilith Ai, Savannah Betts, Meghann Clancy, Alix Alixandra.

Saturday 22nd October
FILM I, Daniel Blake @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle
Launching on Friday, we implore you to catch the winner of the Palme D’or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, as the powerful, emotive film from director Ken Loach is a vital watch. Centred on the tale of the struggles of a former joiner and a single mother struggling to make ends meet in the times we live, this is set to be a heartbreaking film that could prove vital in its raw honesty.

Sunday 23rd October
COMEDY Punchlines @ The Stand, Newcastle
Hosted by local favourite Matt Reed. this new panel show sees him joined by four top comedians and is set to be a lot of fun. Promising to get to the bottom of why the chicken actually crossed the road, or just who is knocking at the door, the show is all about gags and punchlines and is set to be a Sunday filled with laughs.

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