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Stuck for something to do in the next seven days? We aim to have you covered with an event a day for the next week, all across the region. This time around we have cutting-edge comedy, folk rock troubadours, joyous indie pop, work from one of the most renowned artists of all time and much more…

Monday 8th February
COMEDY Good Grief @ The Stand, Newcastle
It’s time to make Monday your fun day with a trip to The Stand for Good Grief. This little treat of a night has been building audiences every month by providing four top emerging acts, a quality headliner and an awesome compère.
With a warm, fun atmosphere, it’s exactly what The Stand is all about, and this month gives a stage to local favourites David Callaghan, Joby Mageean and Neil Harris. It’s all held together by the charmingly cheeky Jason Cook and also has a rare treat in the form of devilishly funny Canadian Bobby Mair.

Tuesday 9th February
STAGE Eight @ The People’s Theatre, Newcastle
Eight is a collection of monologues from playwright Ella Hickson, looking at a generation of twenty-somethings who’ve grown increasingly disillusioned with the world around them. The play was all formed around a survey of how people in their twenties defined their generation, and apathy was the heartbreakingly unanimous response.
Glimmers of faith and hope shine through though, and that’s the thrust of the piece, as those positive feelings churn against social cynicism. It’s theatre that pulls on the heart-strings in a unique and honest look at modern Britain.

Wednesday 10th February
MUSIC Withered Hand, Billy Liar @ Empty Shop HQ, Durham
Midweek, and it’s time for two top notch troubadours to venture south from Edinburgh. Withered Hand (aka Dan Wilson) brings some very special folk rock along to the equally special venue, Empty Shop in Durham. Lovely melodies, twinkly guitar playing and confessional, poetic lyrics crooned through a sincere and delicately honest voice all add up to some warm and enchanting songs.
There’s also support from the slightly more punk influenced Billy Liar. The fellow Edinburgh resident is a similarly talented wordsmith, though with a fiery ferocity bubbling away underneath, there’s a slightly more raucous energy offered in his sing-a-long melodies.

Thursday 11th February
MUSIC C Duncan @ Cluny 2, Newcastle
The Glaswegian singer-songwriter heads to Cluny 2 on Thursday, and with his album Architect released last year and garnering lots of praise (including a Mercury Music Award nomination); the chance to see his songs in a live setting is a definite must.
A talented musician, he won’t just be re-creating the songs live; rather re-imagining them and bringing them to life. Dreamy lo-fi pop, with sumptuously soft melodies could be even more mesmerising than they are on the album, as is the chance to see this rising star in such a wonderfully intimate venue.

Friday 12th February
MUSIC Eliza & The Bear @ Georgian Theatre, Stockton
The Georgian Theatre in Stockton welcomes joyous indie rockers Eliza & The Bear just in time for some Friday night fun. Their uplifting, energy filled folksy pop songs are the perfect way to see in the weekend.
With their debut album released this year, they’re another band to catch before the blow up really big. The quintet draw well on indie pop influences, for an immensely uplifting sound filled with quirky vocals, and uproariously catchy melodies will have Stockton surely singing along.

Saturday 13th February
ART & LIT Leonardo da Vinci @ Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
The mere mention of the name Leonardo da Vinci is enough to conjure up some spectacularly intricate and beautiful images, such is his lasting legacy. The painter, sculptor, inventor, mathematician and scientist was a truly talented soul, and his influence is still ongoing (and yes, they named a turtle after him).
There’s a rare chance to see hand-picked drawings of his, some dating back to 1490, with an exhibition that starts at the Laing Art Gallery on Saturday. It’s a unique and intimate look behind the thoughts and ideas that lead to some of da Vinci’s most famous works; a rare opportunity for a glimpse into one of the most fascinating minds of all time, it’s well worth a visit.

Sunday 14th February
FILM Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle
There are actually few better things you could do for Valentine’s Day this year than go see Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind on a big screen. Voted The North East’s favourite romantic film 2016 (well done North East!), this is everything a modern love story should be.
Writer Charlie Kaufman delved deep into his brilliantly unique mind, for a story brought to life by a true cinematic artist in Michel Gondry who directed career highlight performances from Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. With an ensemble supporting cast featuring Tom Wilkinson, Kirsten Dunst, Elijah Wood and Mark Ruffalo, this heartfelt, thought-provoking, sincere, funny, tender and sometimes surreal film depicts love to its very core, and you’ll want to discuss it long into the night with whomever you share it with.

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