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Ahead of their appearance at Holmesfest on which is taking place at Allerdean Mill just outside of Berwick-upon-Tweed on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of June​, we caught up with Andrew from Warm Digits to find out five festival musts. 

A Food Suit
Food can be expensive at a festival: we paid £8 for two black instant coffees the other week! So I have a plan. A food suit. What you do is you get your favourite food and stick it to your body using cling film. It is important to note that flat foodstuff like wraps and pre-sliced cheese works best. 

A Large Empty Bag
Get yourself a new tent! On the day you leave have a little walk around the campsite, as people leave behind all sorts. I still have a set of garden furniture from Glastonbury 2006, which still has the Blur sticker on it! Make sure there is no one in the tent when you take it down. We are not condoning stealing.

These are great for stopping welly chaffage and letting the groin area breathe. Then you can still wear your hipster clothing for all to enjoy. Also, if you have an impulse to get over-excited and naked, tights can help stop this leading to any unwanted internet footage.  

A Good Pair Of Walking Shoes
With insoles and toe supports. These are small plastic things you put between your toes. Very comforting. 

Find A Good Place To Chill
But be careful what cake you eat. I had some truffles at one festival, and I ended up acting out the whole of Star Wars for a small crowd. The one that had Jar Jar Binks in….. it was a small crowd…. and might have even been a medical tent. “Dissen gonna be bery messy! Me no watchin!”

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