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Finnish rockers Von Hertzen Brothers head to Think Tank? in Newcastle tonight, ahead of that, they were kind enough to share their five favourite rock albums.

Deep Purple – In Rock
When I was in my early teens and starting seriously spend to  time with my father’s stratocaster I was introduced to Richie Blackmore’s music by a family friend. Deep Purple hit me hard. I got all the albums and spent years listening nearly non stop to them all. In Rock obviously being the rockiest one of them. Even though I have not really having actively returned to DP albums after those days, I every once in a while bump into them somewhere and the pure energy and the tightness in the bands deliverance (take for example Speed King) blows me away!!! Their signature mixture of blues, heavy rock and classical music still remains one of a kind and is an essential part of my personal musical history. 

Elton John – 17-11-70 live
This one´s maybe not so obvious. When we were kids our grandfather had a mission. He´d decided to take all of his grand children to Lapland before he died. During the 2nd world war he´d been there on a mission and had fallen in love with the majestic nature of the north. There were 16 of us cousins and two to three were always picked to go along per year. Due to the age difference of us brothers we were on that excursion on three different years. Nevertheless we all shared this one particular experience because one thing on those trips always remained the same. In our grandpa´s white volkswagen station wagon there was a c-cassette player and only one cassette. And it was played over and over again during the whole 30 hour drive there and back. It was this record. Therefore Take Me To The Pilot and Sixty Years On are pretty much tattooed in our familys collective subconciousness, haha. 

Motörhead – No  sleep till Hammersmith
Motörhead resonated a lot with the teenage anger in me. I remember banging my knuckles to the walls whilst listening to Ace Of Spades or having Ironfist blasting in my walkman while running from the cops after doing some stupid pre graffiti paintings to the underpass walls of our home train station. In that age Motörhead was all about rebelling and letting of steam . Furthermore the songs were simple enough to play along with so these C-cassettes also were in regular rotation during my junior high school years.

The Doors – La Woman
We were in our early 20s. After having a really long and thoroughly pissed up evening the previous night I was waking up on the a sofa in our current drummer Sami Kuoppamäki´s place in Helsinki. First thing we did was probably eating porridge (Sami´s favourite breakfast even today) but right after we listened back through this whole album and at same time emptied a bottle of Jack Daniels. It is funny how still after all these years that particular moment of euphoria defines my relationship with the band. Morrison´s insanely expressive interpretation and the brilliant free floating craziness of the music on this album got me dig into other Doors stuff as well.

Hurriganes – Roadrunner
Hurriganes (with a g -that´s right!) was a huge band in Finland and Sweden in 70´s. To comprehend all the nuances of their story you therefore have to be a finn or a swede. The singer Remu is THE undisputed godfather of Finnish rock music and a true legend. A badass band leader, ex-convict and a source of countless stories, each crazier than the other. The most legendary song on this album “Get On” is a true classic with its gibberish English demo lyrics that the band decided to keep on the final recorded version. If we talk about pure and raw Rock´n´ Roll energy, this album a is a cornerstone of what we Finns think rock music is about.

Von Hurtzen Brothers play Think Tank, Newcastle tonight.

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