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Ahead of their performance at Sage Gateshead as part of the New Year New Artists season on Saturday 27th January, we caught up with Tom from VITO to find out his five favourite tracks of 2017. Over to you Tom…

Lorde – Supercut
For me, this is one of the best songs written this decade. Its unique blend of melancholic lyrics and euphoric dance beat had me hooked instantly. I must have played this song 100 times in 2017, yet every time I hear it, it still has the same effect it had on me the first time.

DMA’s – Dawning
This was a close contender for best song of the year. I only discovered DMA’s in 2017 and they quickly became my favourite new band, with me liking every song they’ve released. ‘Dawning’ was released as a stand alone single after their 2016 debut and it shows off a band who are on the brink of greatness. This song does nothing other that make me feel incredibly happy and positive and with the current state of music, that’s very rare these days.

Ryan Adams – Doomsday
Ryan Adams is another artist that I have discovered and came to love in 2017. This song features on his ‘Prisoner’ album and it is a politically charged song about the changing presidency in America. I love the instrumentation and there is a howling harmonica melody that sets the song apart from the rest of the tracks on Adam’s album.

Johannes Heil – Exile 007 B2
There isn’t much to say about this song except it bring back memories of too many late nights in Ibiza in the Summer. Have a listen.

The Cribs – What Have You Done For Me?
A very live and very aggressive track from The Cribs. I’ve been a fan of this band for roughly 10 years and I always love how they seem to change they sound every album. This album, they’ve gone for a no frills, punk rock sound but still maintain the catchy lyrics and melodies that the band are known for. This song stays in my head all day whenever I listen to it.

VITO play the NARC Presents Stage of New Year New Artists at Sage Gateshead on Saturday 27th January.

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