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If ‘easy listening’ conjures up memories of suave, crooning sophisticates sat at a piano, then let Liverpool 3-piece TV ME redefine the genre, with their new single Peppercorn Boy, as melody-rich pop music that simply drifts, effortlessly through your consciousness. Released on September 21st 2017 on Deltasonic Records, the first track from an ‘in-progress’ debut album, finds modern pop’s holy grail with a melody Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney couldn’t ignore and just enough technology to make Kraftwerk take notice.

We caught up with Geordie in exile, Thom McConnell who fronts the band. To tie in with his DIY video, Thom has chosen his 5 favourite home made tracks. Over to you Thom…

Not necessarily out of choice, but I record the music for TV ME at home. However the limitations of recording at home can often provide it’s positives. A unique space can provoke unique ideas, you have unlimited time and tracks are honed due to lack of options. Here are some of my favourite homemade songs by other artists… 

Coming Up – Paul McCartney
The mix of experimentation, strangeness and robotic catchiness has inspired me more than any other tune. Recorded solely by Paul for “McCartney II” at his farm in Mull and it’s my favourite song. 

Garden – C Duncan
I toured supporting C Duncan as Tom Low in 2016 and this was one of my favourite tracks in his set. It’s really punchy with bubbling organs and a lovely odd chord sequence that was all concocted in his flat… 

No Other Heart – Mac Demarco
Mac Demarco has done most of his stuff at home but I particularly love this song. It’s got the melancholy of early Beatles songs like “I’ll Get You” but done with a charming synth demo feel. It wouldn’t work if it had been done in a big studio.

Song For Harry Nilsson – Luke Saxton
Luke Saxton is a highly prolific songwriter based in York. He has a huge amount of very cleverly-written tracks inspired by 1965-onwards Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson and the best in pop composition in general. This is his ode to Nilsson from his homemade debut album.

Getting Hungry – The Beach Boys
A track from “Smiley Smile” – the depressing, weird, lo-fi and homemade final result of what was supposed to be his highly elaborate masterpiece, “Smile”. It’s worn out and messy in the way a current dream-pop album would be and this song is one of my favourites on it.

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