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Ahead of their show with The Fall at The Boiler Shop on Monday 23rd October, we caught up with drummer Brad Mullins of swaggering rock n’ roll merchants Trudy and The Romance to find out his top 5 places to ‘have a bine’. Over to you Brad…

Service Station Bine
Having a bine after 3 hours none-stop on the motorway is heavenly; doesn’t matter where the services is (although the best are Tebay and Watford Gap)

Morning Bine w/ Coffee
The early bine catches the worm, as they say – embracing the dawning of another day’s consciousness with a hot fresh coffee and a sweet ciggy is good for your mind and soul, honestly

Evening Bine w/ Lager
We often arrive at a pub or a bar with a pre-rolled bine, go straight to the bar, purchase a beverage and head straight for the garden / smoking area. Complimenting your pint with a bine is the new complimenting your food with a glass of wine; feel yourself unwind, baby!

Post-Meal Bine
An Indian or a Chinese, usually, are the best meals per-bine. Fill your belly up full to the point where you can’t move anymore and then smoke a bine – I don’t know why it feels so good, I can’t explain it, but it just does, alright? Those who know, know 

Post-Coital Bine
The better the coitus, the better the bine, baby. It’s really worth putting a lot of effort in here pre-bine, fellas. Sharing a ciggy with your partner post-ascendancy is a spiritual and moving experience that I believe everybody should experience at least once 

Trudy And The Romance play Boiler Shop, Newcastle with The Fall on Monday 23rd October.

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