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It’s that time again when we round up the best of what the region has to offer in the next seven days. This time, we’ve got cult Canadians, puerile jokes, international art, rising film makers, some amazing local electronic music and much more!

Monday 15th June
MUSIC The Burning Hell @ Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough

Fronted and masterminded by Mathias Kom, literate and humorous folk-rock band The Burning Hell might not be the biggest or most well known name on the planet but heck, they’ve got one hell of a cult following. They’re so popular on the underground circuit that last year a tribute album, My Name Is Mathias, was released, featuring contributions and covers from artists as wide as John K. Samson, Mike O’Neill and members of the Pizza Underground (yes, Macauley Culkin’s band themselves). Often drawing comparisons to They Might Be Giants, The Mountain Goats and Jeffrey Lewis, the group are also famous for playing ten shows between the Netherlands and Slovenia in 24 hours. Not that the Guinness Book of World Records noticed mind. Currently supporting their latest album Live Animals, their appearance at the Westgarth is a chance to see one of the most underrated yet beloved bands on the planet.

Tuesday 16th June
FILM Kathryn Elkin @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Based in Scotland and working with performance, writing and video, Kathryn Elkin is a rising star of the art film scene. Her works often focus on the culture and counter-culture of different periods in time, as well as on the crises that the body undergoes when in performance. At this special event taking place at the Tyneside Cinema, two of Kathryn’s films and three excerpts from longer pieces of her work will be screened, followed by a special Q&A between Elkin and Louise Shelley, curator at The Showroom in London. It’s a unique chance to catch some of the works by one of the country’s fastest rising talents and hear her discuss her works in depth.

Wednesday 17th June
STAGE No More Worries @ Arc, Stockton

If you’ve ever wanted to get away from it all, then you’ll probably sympathise with the protagonists of Simon Mole’s latest production, No More Worries. Unfortunately for 27-year-old Kieran and 50-year-old Paul, this isn’t exactly the dream trip they were hoping for. Instead, the pair are a completely mismatched couple on a road trip across austerity Britain. They’re on a mission to keep driving until the road runs out. The question is: what happens then? The production promises to be a surprisingly thoughtful look into what happens when we try to leave the past behind. But as we all know, the past has a habit of catching up with you.

Thursday 18th June
STAGE Selfish Shellfish Salty @ Northern Stage, Newcastle

Egon is lost and burdened by some huge questions. He goes for a walk with Grel and asks “who am I now and what do I want to be?” Grel would love to help (what friend wouldn’t) but isn’t party to this world of anxiety. So, instead, she tells him about the “Four Types of Men.” The first ever show by SuperPosition Productions – a new enterprise started by artists that fuses performance, writing and video – probably won’t help Egon in his quest for understanding, but will ask a very thought-provoking to the audience: are you satisfied? It’s set to be a spellbinding debut from the Newcastle-based production company.

Friday 19th June
ART AND LIT Art From Elsewhere @ mima, Middlesbrough

Curated by the internationally renowned David Elliott and supported by the Art Fund, Art From Elsewhere is bringing a host of works to Teesside to depict the different effects of global change in various locations across the globe. Elliott has gathered together a number of works presented in different mediums from acclaimed artists across the globe which addresses a number of themes that are highly prevalent in today’s society, including trade and exchange, urban and international migration, and failed utopias. Art From Elsewhere is also part of the Hayward Touring Company, which aims to recognise the importance of enriching the collections of various galleries across the country in an attempt to make contemporary art less London-centric. I think we can all be happy about that.

Saturday 20th June
MUSIC Matterhorn All Dayer @ Empty Shop, Durham

If you like electronic music then you probably can’t go wrong with this all day event presented by Matterhorn, Kaneda Records and Massa Confusa in Durham. While the afternoon will be hosting some laid-back sets from acoustic artists Kate Edwards, Lesley Roley, Meghann Clancy and therunningchelsea, later in the day the laptops and the synthesisers will be coming out to showcase some of the best electronic music the region has to offer. Fractions, ako, Mausoleums, Five Pence Game and Topaz Gang are just some of the amazingly diverse acts appearing at the event. Really, I’m not sure if you need any more persuading on this one…

Sunday 21st June
COMEDY Simon Donald @ The People’s Bookshop, Durham

Simon Donald, better known as that man who did some things with his brother Chris and produced the Viz, has been touring around the country giving intimate readings from his autobiography Him Off The Viz recently. Now he’s back in the region and ready to tickle the funny bones of Durham’s denizens with snippets from his re-released book, all within the atmospheric surroundings of The People’s Bookshop. Expect lewd, crude jokes and some schoolboy charm. More than anything, get ready to titter more than a titmouse (chortle chortle). Well, we can all enjoy a really puerile joke now and then.

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