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Cult Liverpool imprint Skeleton Key Records bring their inaugural label tour to Think Tank? tomorrow. With a double dose of Scouse indie talents in the shape of The Sundowners and the veritable Godfather Edgar Jones & The New Joneses, this joint-headline tour is going to be special.
We caught up with Alfie Skelly from The Sundowners for a new Bunch Of Fives and Five Tracks That He Couldn’t Live Without.
Scott Walker – The Plague 
Scott Walker has been the biggest influence on me, since I heard The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine by the Walker Brothers on a 60s no1 CD I got as a teenager haha. Then I heard Jackie a few years later which is when I got obsessed. The Plague was a massive influence on the first track we recorded for Cut the Master, Great Beauty. Compared to some of Scott Walker’s other tracks it’s like he’s singing with a mad band as opposed to an orchestra! The e-bow sound on the guit sounds off with the rhythm section and backing vocals, so it all comes out like a backward soul track and his vocal is just unreal. We approached the track looking to find our own Plague.
Shocking Blue – Love Buzz
These are one of the most overlooked bands from the 60s, Venus is a great single but they’re so much more than that track. Since we started they’ve always been with us from Postcard, Long & Lonesome Road, Deamon Lover to Love Buzz, it’s the groove they have, it’s like Jefferson Airplane but with a Krautrock feel. Mariska Veres is up there with the best psyche/pop voices. Out of any band I think you can hear Shocking Blue’s influence on our songs the most.
Radiohead – All I Need
I was never a fan of Radiohead until our drummer Jim showed me There, There, then after our James lent me ‘In Rainbows’ I was hooked. After our first album came out and all the gigging was done I just got heavily into this album, It made me wanna dig deeper regarding the sound and lyrics for our new tracks, Thom Yorke is next level with his lyrics and his rhythm guitar playing, he’s a true outsider taking reality and twisting it. 
All I Need is, is one track I wished I’d written.
“I’m an animal Trapped 
in your parked car
I am all the days
That you choose to ignore
You are all I need
You are all I need
I’m in the middle of your picture
Lying in the leaves”
Plus I’d love Johnny Greenwood to produce a track with us. He’s brilliant; I love the inherent vice sound track.
Jane Weaver – You Are Dissolved
I got Jane’s album Silver Globe back in 2014 and it became part of every the van journey when we’d have a gig. We both played the GIT Awards in 2015, her and Andy Votel saw us and liked our set. They invited us to play the Finders Keepers stage at Festival No6, then we went on to support Jane on a few of her tour dates and it was great watching her live set every night. Andy worked on our new album, he’s the master of disaster haha. He linked up the album with interludes, remixed 3 tunes and made the album. I really don’t think it would be what it is without his madness to add to James’, Rich’s & Ian’s production. The best thing in music is meeting people like Jane, Andy, Edgar Jones, The Coral lads who don’t bullshit, you know they know their shit aswell haha.
David Axelrod – Everything He’s Produced & Released
I remember the first time I heard the Common People track Those Who Love in me brother’s and it blew me head! You get the four Tom hits, then the snare followed by the strings and I was sold. I’ll never forget it, the sound of the first snare hit, turned me on haha I think he’s my favourite arranger/producer. Everything he’s done, The Four king Cousins, All in the Game’ is a sly one; I love that tune and the record. Every track we did on this new LP had to be like Axelrod haha I don’t think we’ll ever even get close, but you gotta have a go. I think you can hear the artists that got addicted to Axelrod like DJ Shadow, The Verve, it’s exactly that an addiction. I love all the mad obscure rare gems you find in music, but there’s some artists that I’ll always go back to no matter what happens, and these artists are up there.

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