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Spring is almost upon us but we’ve still got a week of events left to see off the winter months with a bang. This week we bring you Welsh electro, alt-folk, Alex Garland’s latest film, and some of our favourite locations.

Monday 23rd February
MUSIC Man Without Country @ Head of Steam, Newcastle

Welsh electronic duo Man Without Country are currently touring in support of their new album Maximum Entropy. Featuring songs that blur the lines between the best of 80s pop and crisp contemporary electronica, the album is a purely euphoric blast of genre bending that also happens to feature a stunning interpretation of The Beloved’s classic Sweet Harmony. The intimate show at the Head of Steam is sure to be a brilliant environment in which to experience their atmospheric sound.

Tuesday 24th February
STAGE A Lyrical Dance Concert @ Northern Stage, Newcastle

A party in a comedy act in a cabaret show in  gig in an experimental dance performance. That’s how A Lyrical Dance Concert is being billed. In other words, it’s going to be a raucous, rollicking blast through numerous styles that’ll keep you constantly on your toes. With the ethos behind it that pop music belongs to us all, its incorporation of pop songs into the by-turns serious and light-hearted show are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Wednesday 25th February
MUSIC Spectres @ Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland

If you like your rock to be completely crushing (perhaps you’re having withdrawal symptoms from seeing Mogwai on the weekend), then Spectres might be able to fill a hole in your heart. If nothing else they’ll put some serious reverb through the floor and send your legs to jelly with their mammoth doom rock, which is bound to sound even more devastating within the confines of Pop Recs’ boutique walls. Your earplugs might not save you, but if you’re a fan of beautiful noise then you’ll more than appreciate the trio’s efforts.

Thursday 26th February
ART AND LIT Bring the Happy Live @ North Shore, Sunderland

You can stay on Wearside for Thursday’s event, which is an altogether more pleasant affair. Over the past few months the residents of Sunderland and South Tyneside have been asked about their happiest memory and where it happened. This has been transformed into a “happiness map” where we can see the places that give us the most joy. The project is now being culminated in a live event at North Shore, which will no doubt be a joyful celebration of the places nearest and dearest to us.

Friday 27th February
STAGE Teechers @ Gala Theatre, Durham

Our school days can either be the best or worst days of our lives but one thing’s for certain: you never forget what happens. Critically acclaimed stage production Teechers is returning with a new cast and crew to bring the tale of three pupils and a newly qualified drama teacher in a comprehensive school back to life. Filled with comedy and drama, everyone is bound to recognise some of the characters portrayed in the play; you might even see a version of your 16-year-old self.

Saturday 28th February
FILM Ex Machina @ ARC, Stockton

Author recently Alex Garland turned director with sci-fi thriller Ex Machina. It follows the story of a 24-year-old coder at the world’s biggest internet company. He meets the company’s CEO and travels to a private mountain retreat, where he learns about some fascinating new projects, including the existence of the world’s first artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful young girl. Examining issues that are at the heart of today’s technological society, Garland’s film is a complex thriller that proves to be riveting without being condescending.

Sunday 1st March
MUSIC Charlie Dancer @ Tyne Bar, Newcastle

As Spring comes in, there’s probably no better way to ring in the new season (and hopefully some warmer weather) with the soothing, surprisingly complex nu-folk of Newcastle’s Charlie Dancer. Currently gearing up to release his new EP, the singer-songwriter’s deceptively simple tunes are filled with numerous layers and a wave of beautiful melodies. Supported by Nico Cara and James Carroll, the completely free gig promises to be a wonderful end to the week.

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