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Each week we bring you cultural goodies to liven up the next seven days. This week, we’re bringing you the funny side of wrestling, a dose of Tim Burton, a chance to learn more about food wastage and much, much more.

Monday 9th February
COMEDY Broken Mic Comedy Wrestling Spectacular @ The Hancock, Newcastle

Wrestling’s a bit funny isn’t it? From the amateur days back when World of Sport was still on the telly to the flashy theatrics that happen on WWE, there’s always been something just a little bit humorous about seeing a sport that essentially sees people in spandex slap each other around for a bit. Broken Mic Comedy seem to think so, and after having a little break in January they’re back to put the smackdown on the sport. Featuring appearances from Lee Kyle, Steffen Peddie and host Si Beckwith, it’s sure to be a hilarious start to the week.

Tuesday 10th February
MUSIC Bi:Lingual @ The Keys, Middlesbrough

Ever wondered what happened to good rap-rock? A bit sad that Rage Against the Machine released Killing In The Name over twenty years ago? Have no fear. Bi:Lingual are coming to bring rap-rock that’s actually good to the mainstream. If you’re still reeling from the fact that Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit ruined the genre ten years ago, then the Manchester collective will well and truly lift your spirits. Expect a riotous night of riffs and sick rhymes.

Wednesday 11th February
ART AND LIT Wolf Hall @ Newcastle University

After all that laughing and moshing at the beginning of the week, Newcastle University are offering the chance to slow things down a little bit on Wednesday. Hosted by the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts and coinciding with the BBC serialisation of Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall, writer Peter Straughan and author and Managing Director of Company Pictures John Yorke come to the Curtis Auditorium to talk about bringing the book to the screen. If you’re a fan of Mantel’s historical fiction, this is one not to be missed.

Thursday 12th February
FILM Big Eyes @ ARC, Stockton

Did you miss your chance to see Tim Burton’s latest quirky masterpiece when it came to cinemas in December? Fear not, Stockton’s ARC are once again offering you the chance to see the true-life story of painters Walter and Margaret Keane. With stunning performances from Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, Big Eyes is one of Burton’s most straight-played films for years, but still contains a twinge of the surreal for those missing his usual off-the-wall shenanigans.

Friday 13th February
COMEDY Patrick Monahan @ Washington Arts Centre

Comedy nowadays is quite foul-mouthed and near to the knuckle isn’t it? I’m not complaining, but occasionally it’s nice to sit down and watch someone who doesn’t feel the need to swear in order to be funny. If that sounds familiar, then Patrick Monahan might be the comedian for you. Without being twee or childish, Teessider Monahan brings clean old-fashioned fun to all of his shows. After delighting audiences with his Cake Charmer show last year, he’s back to delight again with his Adventures in Monahan Land. Riotously funny, it’s a chance to see one of the region’s best comedians in action.

Saturday 14th February
ART AND LIT Confected, Borrowed and Blue @ Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle

At some point or other, we’ve probably all used a very distinctive brand of blue and white china while sitting down at the dinner table. It’s a bit of a family staple, and most people will recognize the delicate paintings that adorn the plates. In the hands of artist Paul Scott though, these domestic ceramics become subversive comments on our life and times. Turning the familiar into the alien, this new exhibition uses one of the most recognizable pieces of tableware in the country to make us think about the nature of everyday life. You’ll never look at your china in the same way again.

Sunday 15th February
ART AND LIT Magic Hat Café @ Bar Loco, Newcastle

How much food do you throw every day? If you’re anything like the average Briton then the answer is quite a bit. But it’s still nothing compared to the food waste generated by retailers every year; last year it was estimated that they threw away 4.3 million tonnes of food, while nearly one million people used food banks to help feed themselves. Volunteer group Magic Hat Café are looking to raise awareness of the issue and fundraise by hosting an event at Newcastle’s Bar Loco. Serving food made from waste produce and drink, as well as putting on music and other activities, in the hope that more people will be aware of this increasing problem.

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