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Time for another foray into the week’s best events! This time we’ve got some epic noise rock, two doses of the year’s best films, a delve into the world of graphic novels and much, much more!

Monday 25th May
MUSIC Masamune @ Think Tank, Newcastle

Ah, this is just what you need to shake things up on a bleak Monday. Some full-on powerful rock from Sunderland that’s completely no holds barred. Masamune are celebrating the release of a new EP and are popping down to Think Tank along with The Dead XIII. RUN Off The Static and Dead Audio Saints to present a night of ear-bleeding noise rock. You’ll definitely be awake and ready for the week after this one.

Tuesday 26th May
FILM Bypass @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Here’s one last chance to see Duane Hopkins’ second feature film Bypass at the Tyneside! Starring George Mackay and stylishly shot, the gritty British thriller examines the hardships of lives for youngsters in Broken Britain. Mackay and producer Sam Halliday also join the audience at the Tyneside for a special Q&A, discussing the success of the film since its opening earlier in the month.

Wednesday 27th May
MUSIC The Daydream Fit @ Nerd Hutch, Newcastle

The Netherlands aren’t exactly known for their rock stars (I racked my brains trying to think of anyone not related to Eurovision, though might just be a sad indication of my own ignorance). The Daydream Fit, though, are a band that have the potential to break through and truly be known in the UK. With strong roots in indie and no wave – taking particular inspiration from Sonic Youth – the band have carved a sound all of their own that fits in with our own underground DIY scene perfectly. As they cross the channel and come to Tyneside, they’re joined by Newcastle’s own punks Picture Frames, German shoegaze throwbacks Andalucia and local post punks Solanas. It’s likely to be a noisy but enlightening night.

Thursday 28th May
COMEDY Listen With Alexei @ Alnwick Playhouse

What do you think of when you think of Alexei Sayle? His iconic performances as one of alternative comedy’s best known faces in the 1980s? His appearances on The Young Ones and other cult TV shows? Or his well-known political views? Whatever you think of Alexei Sayle, one thing’s for certain: the man is hilarious. Even looking back on some of the Liverpudlian’s performances from 20 years ago, the topics he tackles still seem fresh and his jokes are still piercingly witty and on the money. Recently, he’s been enjoying more of the quiet life as a Daily Telegraph columnist and has been busy writing his memoirs. The second instalment of his life story, Stalin Ate My Homework, is the major subject of his appearance at Alnwick’s Playhouse, where he’ll be reading passages from it and his previous work, Thatcher Stole My Trousers. Expect some acerbic and astute observations from the alt. comedy legend.

Friday 29th May
COMEDY Catch 22 @ Stockton Arc

If you haven’t quite had your fill of comedy for the week, maybe you’d like something a little more traditional in the form of a good old-fashioned stand up show? Ten Feet Tall are bringing their ever-popular showcase Catch 22 back to Stockton’s Arc, this time with panel show regular and topical funnyman Nathan Caton headlining. There’s also chuckles in the form of no-holds-barred Canadian comedienne Allyson June Smyth and a dose of laughter from Fran Garrity. MCing the night is Ray Peacock, whom TFT swear is the best comic on earth. And if they’re saying that, who’s to argue?

Saturday 30th May
ART AND LIT Wonderlands @ Sunderland University

Comics aren’t just for kids. That’s why we invented the term “graphic novel,” to get around the confusion. Graphic novels are filled with wonder, adult themes and subversive content. And they’re not all about superheroes and vigilantes either. Wonderlands, hosted at the University of Sunderland’s CitySpace, will be showcasing the best of graphic novels in all their glory, featuring a programme of talks from leading authors in the field. We guarantee that you’ll find something to captivate you amongst the volumes on display.

Sunday 31st May
FILM The Connection @ Tyneside Cinema

The classic 70s action flick The French Connection is one of the best movies of the American New Wave. As Popeye Doyle, Gene Hackman was an iconic detective on the trail of French master criminals. What about the other side of the story, though? In this new film exploring the true story of the most notorious drug smuggling events in history, The Artist’s Jean Dujardin plays a real-life Marseilles magistrate and tells the story of the wealthy kingpin in his line of fire. If you’re a fan of classic gangster flicks and love a good true crime story, The Connection is unmissable.


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