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We’re bringing you another seven events to fill up all the days of your week! This time around we’ve got a legend of British jazz, the brand new BALTIC exhibition, some cutting edge choreography, two reasons to get the tissues out and much, much more!

Monday 4th May
MUSIC Courtney Pine @ Middlesbrough Town Hall

As one of British jazz’s most famous and ground-breaking performers, Courtney Pine is always one to watch. Remarkably, he’s releasing his sixteenth album soon and is still planning to mix things up even in this later stage of his career. On Song, Pine is stripping everything back to create an intimate atmosphere worthy of the luscious ballads that he’s covering and reinterpreting. For this latest tour in support of the album, he’s also joined by MOBO Award winner and piano player Zoe Rahman. Expect a night of smooth jazz in the company of two greats.

Tuesday 5th May
STAGE Fresh @ Dance City, Newcastle

Dance City has been responsible for bringing some of the greatest contemporary dance groups to the region but what about the local talent? FRESH North East are taking over the venue on Tuesday to bring the audience a night of cutting edge dance and choreography from some of the north east’s brightest minds and talent. It’s also a chance for the audience to ask the performers and behind-the-scenes organisers more about what it’s like to work in the world of dance and just how hard it is to train and perform on a regular basis.

Wednesday 6th May
ART AND LIT John Doran @ Pop Recs, Sunderland

John Doran’s new autobiography/ memoir/ musing Jolly Lad is a riveting, semi-philosophical, altogether amazing look at the Quietus founder’s own life. He will be reading from Jolly Lad on the tour, but there will also be music from noise rockers Arabrot as well as some curiosities on the side. If you’ve ever wanted to see the founder of the Quietus performing spoken word based on the timetables of buses in Sunderland, then here’s your chance! Doran will also be appearing at Sound It Out Records in Stockton on 7th May and at the Old Police House in Gateshead.

Thursday 7th May
FILM Banff Film Festival @ Whitley Bay Playhouse

Banff Film Festival: where mountaineering and filmmaking collide. Yes, the world’s most prestigious mountain film festival is returning to Whitley Bay once again for two evenings of extraordinary short films. Whether it’s action-packed sports flicks or shorts focusing on more philosophical topics, you don’t have to be a fan of mountaineering to enjoy what’s on offer. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunities to get your hands on some free goodies (no festival would be complete without the freebies!)Expect high drama, stunning cinematography and all-round thrills and spills.

Friday 8th May
ART AND LIT Ida Ekblad @ BALTIC, Gateshead

Have you walked around the BALTIC recently and wondered what was going to be replacing the giant shoes and spaghetti on the ground floor? Wonder no more. The next exhibition in the space comes from Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad, who works across painting, sculpture and poetry. The multi-disciplinary artist works with found materials and the new exhibition is concentrating on a group of sculptures designed as a stage set for Nick Payne’s Constellations in 2012. Featuring twisted metal, basketballs, fishing nets, flowers and large white gates guarded by alien figures, it’s set to be a surreal but spellbinding experience.

Saturday 9th May
COMEDY Fiasco @ Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough

That man off the Viz gets everywhere, doesn’t he? Last week he was having a wander around the Lit & Phil reading out passages from his autobiography and this week he’s off down the Boro stirring up trouble with those no-good comedians. Honestly. Simon Donald hasn’t been resting on his laurels lately and so he’s joining the bill for another edition of Fiasco, Boro’s best alternative comedy night. He’s joined by familiar faces Hot Gulp, Heavy Petting and Frank Astaire and Simon D Heaven too. Prepare the Kleenex and put on your waterproof mascara, you might will be crying with laughter.

Sunday 10th May
FILM Phoenix @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

I hope you kept some spare Kleenex aside after the comedy hijinks of Fiasco, because you’ll need them for an entirely different reason when watching the ingenious Phoenix. Set in the labyrinthine, rubble-strewn streets of post-war Berlin, the film follows disfigured concentration camp survivor Nelly as she searches for her husband Johannes, who may have betrayed her to the Nazis. With more than a little in common with Vertigo, Phoenix is a twisted, dreamy and completely heart-breaking tale that will stay with you for a long time.

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