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Each week we bring you seven delights to fill out your days from across the region. This week we’ve got early access to new stage talent, an examination of objects and their environment, many farmyard animals in a band, a look into a notorious serial killer and much, much more.

Monday 11th May
ART AND LIT Continuous Material @ Drop City Newcastle/ Durham Castle Gallery

It’s an artistic start to the week as both Drop City and Durham Castle Gallery are presenting Eleanor Wright and Sam Watson’s Continuous Material. Incorporating works and contributions from Eric Bainbridge, Paul Becker, Ralf Brog, Aleksandra Konopek, Sini Pelkki and Josh Wilson, the exhibition looks at the artists’ approaches to objects and storytelling – both formally and conceptually – and how the artworks suggest narrative worlds that have their own set of rules and parameters. Inspired by the dual locations, each exhibition will be very different and will be eye-opening for anyone who enjoys exploring the relationship between objects and the world around them.

Tuesday 12th May
STAGE The Ted Bundy Project @ Northern Stage, Newcastle

Ted Bundy is one of America’s most notorious criminals. As such, the serial killer, rapist and necrophile might seem like an unlikely subject for a new stag production, but Greg Wohead has used Bundy as the launch point for his latest show. In 2012, he stumbled upon Bundy’s confession tapes. And he couldn’t stop listening to them. The result became The Ted Bundy Project, a show where Wohead wants to tell you all about the nature of charm, the label of “monster” and the tension between attraction and repulsion. Be forewarned though. That 16+ age restriction is on there for a reason.

Wednesday 13th May
STAGE Breakdown @ Stockton ARC

As part of a series of rehearsed readings by the Writers’ ARCADE Group, Dan Perry – whose previous works include Staggered – is presenting his latest work Breakdown. The performance centres around Harvey Kentbridge, who has had a long career in the corporate world, who is forced to make an overnight sales drive from Bristol to Aberdeen with young upstart James Charles. As they travel, a large bangis heard and it’s an event that will change both of their lives forever.

Thursday 14th May
FILM Man and Superman @ Various Locations

Ever wanted to see a production that’s a romantic comedy, an epic fairy tale and a fiery philosophical debate all at the same time? Now’s your chance. In the latest in the National Theatre’s string of live broadcasts to cinemas across the country, Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes plays Jack Tanner in this reinvention of George Bernard Shaw’s witty classic. After marrying an alluring heiress, Tanner is quickly appalled by domestic life and flees to Spain, where he is captured by bandits and meets the Devil. It’s set to be a spectacular production of this slightly lesser-known Bernard Shaw classic.

Friday 15th May
STAGE The Rise and Fall of a Northern Star @ Independent, Sunderland

A tale of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Stella Productions are presenting the extraordinary tale of the aptly-named Tracy Star at the Independent. Wanting to escape her life in the drudgery of 1980s Manchester, Tracy sets out to make something of herself in the burgeoning, but male-dominated, Madchester scene. But, as you might have guessed, comedy, tragedy and a good deal of hedonism surrounds this starlet’s tale. Basically, it’s a bit like Shirley Valentine, if Willy Russell had written about drugs and Madchester instead of a Greek island.

Saturday 16th May
ART AND LIT Beyond the Goldmine Standard @ RPM Music, Newcastle

Curated by Matthew Hearn and featuring artists from the NewBridge Studio, Beyond the Goldmine Standard is an absolute must for anyone with a keen interest in vinyl and album artwork. Conceived as a response to fan-made artworks founds amongst RPM’s collections, the works on display have all been inspired by selected second-hand records found inside the independent record store. Each Monday leading up to the event, a new batch of artist-reworked records have been released in RPM, and on this final event the custom LPs go on sale.

Sunday 17th May
MUSIC Pigs x7 @ Tyne Bar, Newcastle

Come and experience not just one but multiple Pigs make a mighty loud racket down at the Tyne Bar. Psychedelic noise-makers Pigs x7 are planning to take a fairly long hiatus and go off the grid for a while in June, so this is the last time you’ll probably get to catch them live for quite some time. As if that wasn’t quite enough, Big Fail are also joining them on the bill. Plus it’s free. Can’t say no to that.


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