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It’s once again time for the Events Weekly Roundup where we bring you seven of the week’s best happenings from across the region. This time we’ve got one of the world’s best-loved but filthiest authors, a double dose of up and coming bands, a blast from the comedic past, a bit of Dario Fo and more!

Monday 20th April
ART AND LIT A Decent Ride: An Evening With Irvine Welsh @ Northern Stage, Newcastle

When Irvine Welsh says that he’s releasing his “funniest” and “filthiest” book yet then you know you’re in for more than just a “decent ride.” Yes, the man who brought us Filth and Trainspotting is releasing what could be his most controversial, over the top and completely outrageous book yet in the form of A Decent Ride. And you can hear him talk about it at Northern Stage. Alongside Welsh, explore the world of one of his most iconic characters – “Juice” Terry Lawson – and what could become one of his best-loved creations, Wee Jonty Mackay, a man with the brains and genitals of a donkey. Strap yourself in.

Tuesday 21st April
STAGE Yes, Prime Minister @ People’s Theatre, Newcastle

If all of that filthiness with Mr. Welsh was a bit too much for you, then perhaps the slightly more genteel comedy of Yes, Prime Minister will be a welcome change of pace.Produced by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, beloved if bumbling politician Jim Hacker is now governing the country on a threadbare majority, and faces yet another crisis in the cabinet. Sound familiar? It should do. This new production updates the 80s format and brings it into the 21st Century, so you might well see some parallels with Messrs Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and Farage…

Wednesday 22nd April
FILM Red Road @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

After that brief interlude, we return to the realm of the Scottish thriller with Andrea Arnold’s gritty and harrowing Red Road. The director of Fish Tank weaves together the tale of Jackie, a CCTV operator who watches over a small part of the world, and a mysterious man who appears on her monitor one day. The film has been hand-picked by artist Phil Collins to accompany his new moving image artwork Tommorow Is Too Long, which is currently showing in the Gallery.

Thursday 23rd April
STAGE The Accidental Death of an Anarchist @ Washington Arts Centre

Dario Fo is possibly one of the most legendary European playwrights of the past century, writing some of the most acclaimed stage plays of the past fifty years. The Nobel Prize-winning writer’s most famous work, The Accidental Death of an Anarchist, has now been transformed into a brand new production by the organisers of Sunfest and comes to the Washington Arts Centre as part of the series. The intriguing tale, loosely based on a true story, centres around the arrest and subsequent death of a noted anarchist in a police station. The question is, did he jump or was he pushed? It’s up to you to decide.

Friday 24th April
MUSIC Heyrocco @ Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough

Hailing from Charleston in South Carolina (or Chucktizz as they affectionately call it), rockers Heyrocco are one of the rising stars of the indie scene this year. Nathan, Taco and Cool (you couldn’t make this up) play what they like to call “Disney grunge,” which basically means they make Nirvana-esque squalls with some infectious earworms and catchy beats hidden under there. They’re your girlfriend’s favourite band too, apparently.

Saturday 25th April
MUSIC Only Real @ Think Tank, Newcastle

Continuing our double-header of truly amazing emerging artists in the region, Only Real, aka Niall Galvin, is coming to Think Tank on Saturday to bring his combo of Jamie T brassiness and Mac De Marco flair to Tyneside. Galvin’s work is unashamedly lo-fi and filled with some bonkers ideas, as demonstrated on his debut full-length Jerk At The End of the Line. Plus, he’s a man who really, really like Froot Loops. Maybe says something about his personality…

Sunday 26th April
FILM The Face of an Angel @ Stockton ARC

Inspired by the real-life story of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, Michael Winterbottom’s latest film endeavours to look beyond the salacious headlines to explore our deeper, darker obsessions with the lives of killers. It’s a tale that mirrors the events of Kercher’s death and subsequent trial almost exactly, but it’s the underlying concepts that make this a must-see.



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