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Each week we bring you a septet of cultural delights to fill out the next seven days. This week, being witty about philosophers, charity haircuts and pieces of wood in Stockton, avant-pop cellists, political activism, and some DIY publishing… plus much more!

Monday 6th April
COMEDY Simon Munnery Sings Soren Kierkegaard @ The Stand, Newcastle

Perhaps the title of Simon Munnery’s latest show is a little bit misleading. If you’re going along expecting a sing-along with all your favourite philosophical works then prepare to be disappointed. If, however, you’re looking for a number of laughs surrounding one of the greatest philosophers of all time and are wanting to see one of our best comedians sing his praises, then you’ve come to the right place. Leave your karaoke voice at home, but prepare to be wowed by Munnery’s talents all the same.

Tuesday 7th April
FILM Larissa Sansour @ Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Palestinian-born artist and filmmaker Larissa Sansour is known for making some challenging, highly political short movies. Her most famous short, Nation Estate, was even banned from Musee De L’Elysee due to its overt political connotations. In a special night of screenings, the Tyneside Cinema are showing the controversial sci-fi alongside some of Sansour’s other notable works. There will also be a Q&A with Sansour herself, which will no doubt explore some of the themes and issues behind many of her movies. A must for any fan of short-form world cinema.

Wednesday 8th April
STAGE Day of the Flymo @ Live Theatre, Newcastle

What do you do when the state decides to take over from your mam? That’s the question being posed by award-winning playwright Paddy Campbell in his new production Day of the Flymo, which has its premiere at the Live Theatre on Wednesday. Performed both by professionals and members of the Live’s Youth Theatre, the story follows a brother and sister trying to cover up the cracks left behind when social services come in to try and “help” their chaotic lives. It’s destined to be a hit, with the possibility of launching the careers of some of its younger stars.

Thursday 9th April
ART AND LIT Peg Powler Turns Five @ ARC, Stockton

Peg Powler Gallery are five years old this week and so Rebecca and AJ are celebrating by hosting a night of music, haircutting and, of course, art, at the ARC on Thursday. Stuart Faulkner will be providing the tunes (he’ll play anything you request if you give him enough time to think about it) and AJ will be getting a charity haircut. There’s also a chance to have a sneaky peek at PP’s latest exhibition featuring Vicky Duffy and Shaun Elliott, so if you want an advance look at Woody the Piece of Wood then you’re in the right place. Yes, it’s bonkers, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friday 10th April
MUSIC Laura Moody @ Old Cinema Launderette, Durham

Avant-pop artist Laura Moody has been plying her trade as one of the nation’s most versatile cellists for many years, but last year finally saw her release her debut solo LP, Acrobats. Filled with inspired songs, that saw Moody shun electronics in favour of her own voice and instrument of choice, Acrobats was like a cross between Bjork and Camille that produced some almost mind-bending constructions. If you’re not convinced that Moody isn’t telling porkies and is in fact using some additional equipment, then make sure you see her in Durham: it’ll be a spellbinding performance that proves she’s a one-woman powerhouse.

Saturday 11th April
ART AND LIT Small Press Expo @ Nerd Hutch, Newcastle

Newcastle’s Nerd Hutch has been the venue of choice for some of the region’s DIY bands of late, but now they’re also expanding into the world of literature with a day-long small press expo. Designed to celebrate everything wonderful about the world of do-it-yourself publishing, there will be stalls, live art events, a screening of The Punk Singer, music provided by Skull Puppies and friends, as well as many special guests. It’s a chance to see what people are creating as well as a chance to indulge in some vegan cakes (they’re very nice indeed). Although the event is free, jars will be going around for donations, so make sure you bring a spare few quid along to show your support.

Sunday 12th April
MUSIC Club Resistance @ People’s Bookshop, Durham

Alas, Club Resistance is already ending its current run. Has it really been six months already? April’s gig may be the last one in the series (and a reminder that the election is only just around the corner) but the organisers are pulling out all the stops to make sure that the event goes out with a band. East Durham indie rockers The Kets are playing a headline set and they’re backed up by singer-songwriter Martha Wheatley, whose voice sits somewhere between Laura Marling and Suzanne Vega. It’ll be sad to see the monthly event end, but it’s brought a ton of politically-inspired discussion to the table, as well as a slew of amazing under-the-radar bands.


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