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We’re once again bringing you seven events to fill up your week across the region! This week we’ve got political hijinks, lost plays by The Bard, four local rising stars, the new BALTIC exhibition and much, much more.

Monday 2nd March
COMEDY A Rock’n’Roll Politics Special @ The Stand, Newcastle

Who’d have thought politics could be funny? Writer and broadcaster Steve Richards does, that’s who. The political commentator is coming to The Stand on Monday to talk about what goes on behind the scenes at Westminster as well as asking some of the toughest questions in the run up to May’s General Election: can Cameron keep on being PM? Will Miliband pull it out of the bag? Does anyone still care about Nick Clegg? Laced with a good dose of humour, expect some serious commentary mixed in with the lighter side of politics.

Tuesday 3rd March
MUSIC Schultz, Hunting Game, WAKE, Mongeese @ Head of Steam, Newcastle

So you’re sitting on a Tuesday and the weekend still seems as far away as ever. If you need a bit of an electrifying pick-me-up as the week nears its sludgiest middle period then you need a good dose of alternative math rock from four of the region’s best purveyors of the genre. Schultz, Hunting Game, WAKE and Mongeese all have their distinctive take on the genre, popularised by the likes of Foals, but all are equally talented and are bound to create a cacophony of swirling guitar licks and insanely catchy hooks. You’d be a fool to miss them before they get seriously big.

Wednesday 4th March
FILM Love’s Labour’s Won @ Various Locations

The RSC are currently putting on a string of Shakespeare’s more overlooked plays, performing them in Stratford but beaming it across the nation so everyone can get a taste of some of The Bard’s more obscure works. Love’s Labour’s Won poses some of the most challenging questions to Shakespeare scholars: is it actually a sequel to the more well-known Love’s Labour’s Lost or is it actually a renamed version of one of his older plays? Whatever its background, the comedy is still one of the Bard’s lighter works and, since it’s performed by the RSC, it’s bound to be a jolly romp.

Thursday 5th March

If anyone’s read a Franz Kafka novel, particularly the winding narrative of The Trial, then you’ll be more than familiar with the atmosphere that STRIKE! is trying to evoke. Set in a deeply bureaucratic world, the production seesĀ a set of office workers attempting to keep the world together, even as it crushes their own personal liberties, eventually leading to something of a revolution. The twist is that the performance combines traditional stage acting with circus tricks and innovative spectacles that’ll have you on the edge of our seat. It’s the epitome of spellbinding, intelligent theatre.

Friday 6th March
MUSIC Grant Nicholas @ ARC, Stockton

Can anyone believe that it’s been nearly 20 years since British indie titans Feeder released their debut album? Me neither. With millions of sales and eight albums behind them, the band have been a part of many a teen’s life growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s (including this very writer). Now frontman Grant Nicholas has gone solo, recently releasing his debut LP Yorktown Heights. It also means he’s going on his very first solo UK tour, bringing his tunes (and maybe some old classics) to Stockton along the way.

Saturday 7th March
ART AND LIT Tony Swain @ BALTIC, Gateshead

Our world has become saturated with images in recent times, a fact that Northern Irish artist Tony Swain is all too aware of. Spurred on by this fact, he’s using a variety of media in his latest exhibition to create somewhat abstract yet somehow familiar landscapes. By combining old newspapers, acrylic paints and the gallery walls themselves, he embeds the newsprint into the artworks, to emphasise the everyday nature of the news and the images embedded within it. Thought-provoking and innovative, Swain’s collection at the BALTIC will be showcasing a mixture of old and new works.

Sunday 8th March
STAGE Alphabetti Soup @ Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

Alphabetti soup was always a bit of a treat as a child, as it meant you could actually play with your food without being told off (most of the time). It was never a particularly satisfying meal, mind; more of a watery concoction with some soggy pasta thrown into the mix. The Alphabetti Theatre’s version is a much more tasty prospect, mixing in a dash of comedy with some smatterings of original theatre and a good pinch of live music, their soup is much more like a comforting, wholesome and satisfying homemade broth. Couldn’t ask for more really.

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