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With this month seeing the release of debut track Something Feral from post-punks Ten Eighty Trees, we caught up with the band to find out more about the inspiration on the song…

For a song that intertwines genre and style in quite a unique way for the band, the origins of new single Something Feral came from relatively derivative sources. Upon first getting together to go through ideas we all had for songs for the band that would ultimately become Ten Eighty Trees, we began light-heartedly busking numbers by our previous bands. This led to the development of the more cut up post-punk-esque rhythms that feature heavily within the song. Though somewhat lightweight in nature in comparison to some the other material we had begun writing, we collectively agreed that this riff idea was worth keeping and made a short audio recording for future reference. From experience, the documentation of ideas no matter the quality is paramount and often overlooked by musicians, myself included, who put far too great a faith in memory.

Weeks passed and we thought nothing of the rhythms we’d concocted, likely putting them on the backburner for something we considered more elaborate and worthy of our time. This was until I happened upon an interview with Yannis Philippakis of Foals in The Guardian in which the singer/guitarist describes the mental state he needs to reach before getting on stage each night as “something animalistic, feral in some way.”

Having read this I knew that Something Feral was too great a term not to be used in a song. I therefore went about writing the music that best encapsulated this expression. Granted the post-punk riff that had been jammed weeks prior bore elements that could be stylistically correlated with that of Foals, this presented the perfect homage to the source of creativity. All that was needed now was something to best emulate the unhinged nature the term signified. I wanted there to be swift fluctuation in mood in the song, turning to harder rock sounds for the main riff of the song that could almost be described as the chorus, bearing the influence of Turbowolf, Demob Happy or even Pulled Apart by Horses. This back and forth movement between something quite “indie rock” in nature to heavier rock sounds helped to create a song unlike anything in our repertoire at the time, perfectly encapsulating the precarious virtues the song’s title implies.

Ten Eighty Trees’ Something Feral is out now.

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