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Synth duo Talk Like Tigers release new single Fruit today. We caught up with the talented twosome to find out a little bit more about what inspired it all.

What inspired Fruit?

FRUIT is our upcoming single and we can’t wait for people to hear it! We’ve been playing it live and we’ve received really good reactions.

The complexity of human relationships inspired FRUIT. Some people can almost cast spells on you and lead you into temptation until you have a moment of epiphany and you realise what’s really underneath their beautiful exterior. Some manipulate and play mind games to get what they want and FRUIT is about flipping the situation around so that you regain your power.

How it all came together for the song?

Stephanie had written down “Forbidden Fruit” in her lyric book and we wrote the song around that, drawing on personal experience, as well as the imagery of Adam and Eve and a hint of pagan witchery. We played chords on the piano and started humming melodies over them, with the lyrics in mind.

We wanted the overall sound of FRUIT to be quite mysterious and mesmerising. The brooding verses are intimate and the chorus is musically quite powerful to compliment the imagery of the lyrics. The Middle 8 creates a lot of tension to mirror the anguish of the “love game”. We made a demo of the song and then co produced it with a producer (John Martindale at Blank).  We thought it would be great to have a female producer do the mix, so we contacted Cecile Denos who has recently worked on the Lets Eat Grandma album.

What inspires us in general?

Personal experience, what’s happening in the world, the countryside, fashion and beautiful places are all things that inspire us. We love art and we created a playlist for the very first Gateshead Open Studios last year. This year we’ll be even more involved and are busy writing some music for the event. Snippets of conversations we over hear or books, poetry and films can also spark ideas.

We enjoy listening to lots of different music. Artists and bands who have inspired us the most include: First Aid Kit, Kimbra, Lykke Li, Sia, Roisin Murphy, Bjork, Beyonce, Friendly Fires, Prince, Little Dragon, Lady Gaga and Glass Animals.

Our family and friends also inspire us! Our parents have always worked so hard and our mum has done amazingly well in her career, which drives us to achieve our goals. Our friend Sally is a fashion designer with her own label Wreckreation and she also inspires us to go for it creatively.

We mostly write at night when there is calmness and stillness, when it’s so late you feel like the only people awake! In the summer, we write outside and draw on the inspiration of nature. When we’re out and suddenly an idea pops in to our heads we record them in to our phones hoping no one else hears! Sometimes, we dream song ideas and a very rare but special moment is when we wake up with full orchestral compositions playing in our heads.

When we’re writing, we love playing around with different words and phrases. It’s amazing how changing one word can completely change the whole feeling and meaning of a song.

We learnt classical piano when we were kids and FRUIT began on the piano. Piano plays an important part in our releases following FRUIT too. We have recently been learning new instruments and technology to inspire our sound and writing. It’s important to always keep learning and expanding our knowledge as it opens up so many creative options.

When we’re writing music to our lyrics we imagine what we’d like listeners to feel and see when they hear it. This helps us choose the rhythms, tones and chords we use.

We hope we can inspire other people to regain their power in similar situations with FRUIT.


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