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A special Stars In Their Eyes night is set to feature cover sets all in aid of a very good cause from Casual Threats, Club Paradise and Mouses (with some friends chipping in too. We found out more about the show from the bands themselves ahead of the gig at Little Buildings on Friday 29th March.

Conor of Casual Threats on the show itself;

This show has been an idea of ours for about 2 years now and we’re delighted to be bringing it to life in one of our favourite venues of Newcastle, Little Buildings and for it to be one of the final shows at the venue in it’s current form.

We’ve pulled some friends together to create a jam packed show fuelled by buckfast where we asked some of our favourite bands to put on a full cover set of their influences for a good cause.

We’re sending everything taken on the door over to Newcastle’s East End Food bank, it is such a deserving cause which supports families and individuals with the basic necessities of food and sanitary items. We can’t believe that in 2019 places like this are still so heavily relied on by people, they are so important to support those who aren’t as fortunate as others and we couldn’t be more willing to do anything we could to support them.

Robyn of Picnic (on behalf of Club Paradise + friends) on Paramore;

Hayley Williams specifically has always been a huge influence on me as a frontwoman, but as my band Picnic are a funk-pop outfit, I never really get to unleash my inner pop-punk princess. Club Paradise and Deep.Sleep are two of my favourite bands and so I can’t wait to join them on stage, especially as they’ve all grown up listening to Paramore too! You should expect a lot of energy, nostalgic teenage angst and checkerboard Vans, all in the name of an amazing cause.

Ste of Mouses + friends on Pixies; 

They’re basically The Beatles of alternative indie music. They’re one of the most influential bands of all time and are huge influences on pretty much every band I love now! They were also the first band I ever listened to that taught me that there aren’t any rules in music, you can literally do anything, even if it’s the opposite of what you’re “supposed to do”, and they also managed to be total geniuses whilst doing that, and wrote some of the best songs of all time. – Black Francis as a lyricist is also a big influence on my own songwriting too!

Bazz of Casual Threats on The Cribs;

The Cribs are a band that the three of us bonded over; I’ve been a fan since I picked up a copy of Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever in a Virgin Megastore in Florida as a 15 year old. When I first met Ollie they were one of the bands that we bonded over, and when the three of us started Threats they were one of the bands we looked up to, so when we had the idea to put this gig on there was only going to be one band we’d be performing as…

I always say that if I could only see one band before I die, I’d pick The Cribs. I’ve never not had a great time at one of their gigs, there’s so much energy flows between the band and the audience. We’ve been to enough of their shows (and done enough of our own) to hopefully make a good crack at replicating that so fingers crossed people enjoy it, get a bit loose and help us to support the East End Food Bank!

The show takes places at Little Buildings, 29th March 2019, 7:30pm suggest donation £5 OTD.

Get down early as the venue will sell out and we don’t want anybody to miss a thing.

Casual Threats and more play a Stars In Their Eyes Night at Little Buildings, Newcastle on Friday 29th March.

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