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We’ve something truly special with this Bunch Of Fives, as Son Of Dave goes above and beyond in bringing us five fives. He brings his loaded with instrumental hooks, original blues flavoured songs to The Green Room in Stockton on Friday 10th November. For now, SoD brings his razor sharp sense of humour to a new Bunch Of Fives.

Five Good Subjects For Blues Tunes
1 Drinking 
2 Making love 
3 Dancing (combine the above in any combination) 
4 Fighting (marching patriotic anthems come to mind)
5 Corporate or foreign powers agitating the far right fringe elements within a country through Social Media on order to achieve foreign or corporate objectives. Or more simply, that Hellhound Evil B**!ch who destroyed your life.

Five Famous Types of Bluesmen and Women.
1 The big bellied African American guy with the guitar named Lucile. The guitar is named Lucile.
2 The drunken piano player. Live the seedy life vicariously through his gravelly whisky soaked voice, but feel safe knowing that he’s an actor.
3 The hobo. Rides the freight trains, plays a busted guitar, wears over-alls. Feel proud that you help make him famous. Then sisappointed when you find out he’s a failed disco guitarist.
4 The drunkest woman with the loudest voice. Feel her pain. Feel your own pain when she hits the high notes. Catch her before she OD’s.
5 The Genuine Bluesman. You gotta ask yourself, do you really want a 50 year old drunk on your couch? Well, do ya? Wink wink…

Five Tips For Staying In Hotels
1 Mattress against the door can keep unwanted sounds out. Or in.
2 Chamber maids can be bribed to do helpful things. Or they can be your enemy. Beware the chamber maid.
3 Room 101 is the worst room in the hotel. It is reserved for the blues musician.
4 You can dry hand washed socks and underwear quickly by draping them over the kettle and boiling repeatedly.
5 The do not disturb sign should be on the door at all times.

Five Bits Of Advice For Young Aspiring Musicians
1 Don’t touch my shit.
2 That is a bottle of wine. it has nothing to do with you. There is a tub of Schlitz over there with your name on it.
3 I don’t want to trade CDs. Unless you have a 45, i’m not interested.
4 Light a match in there.
5 There are more people who want to make money from selling bad music to teenagers than there are honest folk in the world.

Five Reasons To Come To a Son of Dave Show
1 Guitars are so overrated 
2 There will be interesting people of all ages, and not the popular people you hate.
3 You will think, “if that freak can do that, I can do stuff too”
4 There won’t be any slow songs. Maybe one.
5 You will hear enough harmonica to give you a Blues inoculation for a year.

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