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Jess Green’s rousing and lyrical book, A Self Help Guide To Being In Love With Jeremy Corbyn raised a few eyebrows upon its release. An amusing and alternative guide to modern politics, Jess even scored herself a cuppa and a chat with the man himself, and she now takes her spoken word show on the road – appearing at Alphabetti Theatre from Tuesday 28th-Friday 31st May.

Here, she tells us of her love for protest, in all its many forms…

FILM – Pride
Realising they have a common enemy in Thatcher, the police and the Tory press, London based gay and lesbian activists begin supporting striking miners in a tiny Welsh village in 1984. Based on a true story; if you don’t watch it for the absolute joy, hope and anger that it will fill your soul with then watch it for Dominic West doing the sexiest dance routine the tables of a Welsh village hall have ever seen.

NOVEL – To Kill A Mockingbird
I think the GCSE English curriculum has a lot to answer for for people’s dislike of this book, having been forced to analyse it until they’ve got metaphors coming out of their eyes. I didn’t read this until I was an adult and it was the first book that made me sob. Told through the eyes of a six year old girl as her lawyer father defends a black man accused of raping a white woman in a sleepy Deep South American town during the Great Depression.

MUSIC – Grace Petrie
A great pal of mine and brilliant protest singer who first exploded on to the scene in 2010 with her song, Farewell To Welfare which captured perfectly the spirit of the new wave of dissent in austerity Britain. Since then, she has written, recorded and toured relentlessly. Her unique takes on life, love and politics, and the warmth and wit with which they are delivered have won over audiences everywhere, and she has quietly become one of the most respected and prolific songwriters working in the UK today.

MUSICAL – Matilda
Hear me out. Young girl takes on the abusive parents she’s lived with her whole life and the authoritarian figure of her head teacher using her intelligence based super powers and wins. And the song Naughty is the protest song that all children should hear. “Just because you find that life’s not fair, it doesn’t mean that you just have to grin and bear it, if you always take it on the chin and wear it, nothing will change

TELEVISION – Years and Years
A British drama by Russell T Davies starting in 2019 and spanning 15 years about populist politics and imagining if Katie Hopkins became Prime Minister. It’s all a bit too real for comfort. It’s not so much ‘this is what could happen in the future’ but unapologetically saying ‘this is what’s going to happen because of what you’ve all done’.

THEATRE – Gecko, The Wedding
I saw this at Nottingham Playhouse last year and came out vibrating with how much I enjoyed it. Combining movement, imagery and provocative narratives in Gecko’s trademark style, The Wedding is inspired by the complexities of human nature: the struggle between love and anger, creation and destruction, community and isolation. We are all married, bound by a contract. But what are the terms of the relationship and can we consider a divorce?

Tickets for Jess’ show at Alphabetti are available here.


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