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Image by Ben Smith at Photography North

Wanna play a game?

So, bit of a different one this week. I’ve got a game (well, actually my friend Rachel invented it, but I very much took her idea and ran with it). The rules of the game are simple, take any celebrity, and turn them into a household object. I’ve got some ready to show you, fully illustrated, because I’m basically a quintessential Renaissance man.

Some examples….

and my personal favourite…

I then branched out into taking an celebrity and turning them into an animal.

Here’s a few I liked…

And everyone’s favourite celebrity couple…

And these are the things I’m possibly proudest of in my life…

I’ll do something more in depth for next week’s, sumat proper heartfelt n’ that, but it’s nice knowing that thinking of your own will consume you for the next few hours. It’s infectious this game.

You can find me on Facebook here, and on Twitter here. Feel free to share your own (with drawings obviously).

And to close it out, here’s a sketch I did for BBC Radio Newcastle’s Grin Up North.

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