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2017 has been a rather interesting year. We’ve been lucky enough to fill our pages with some incredible creative talent, so we asked a few of them to share some thoughts on the year just gone. We caught up with stand-up comedian Si Beckwith, to take a little look back, through the highs and lows of his year…

So, how was your 2017?
Really good thanks. The potential armageddon lurking over the world aside, it’s been alright. Gigged lots, wrote lots, had some exciting little projects. Made my first podcast for this very magazine with some good pals which I’m still very proud of (listen here), which is a nice little sporadic project we’ll come back to again. I also did very, very well on Football Manager this year, Portsmouth all the way to Champions League glory is not to be sniffed at.

What was your best moment?
Football Manager triumphs aside, there was a weekend at The Stand which I just remember being extra lush. I’ve worked on some awesome little creative writing things that I’m immensely proud of, and had a lot of gigs all over the country that have left a mark. That said, I scored a volley in 5-a-side a couple of weeks, and while I’m reticent to say that, it’s what I go to sleep thinking about most nights.
Also, how many times this year I’ve been at gigs drinking wine straight from the bottle.

And your worst moment?
It would be easy to say Donald Trump, Tories, Brexit and the utterly uncaring, heartbreaking world we seem to be forced live in. I think some of the more vile aspects are just so relentless and so pervasive that it’s almost taken for granted now. Similarly the gut-wrenching misogyny that’s been brought to the fore more recently has been around forever, but there’s that sprinkling of hope that we’re taking a step in the right direction.
So all of that, but also, Kelly Osbourne’s version of Papa Don’t Preach was taken off Spotify, and it’s fucked up every playlist I’ve ever made. Still hurts.
Also, how many times this year I’ve been at gigs drinking wine straight from the bottle.

Your favourite band of the year?
So many. ONSIND returning with a new album makes me happy.
I fell in love with Diet Cig this year. Just pop punk loveliness and some awesome lyrics with bouncy tunes.
Priests have been another fave. They’re the band I’d most want to play in, totally remind me of Murder City Devils, and are filling the void that Pretty Girls Make Graves left in my heart.

Your favourite song of the year?
Diet Cig’s 16 is just perfect. I think I listened to it on repeat for about a week.
That whole album is just unreal though.
Muddy Water by The Deslondes is incredible too.

Favourite TV of the year?
I’ve worked my way through so much this year. Rick and Morty is superb, and the new series is so good. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is always a favourite, I successfully worked through all of Game Of Thrones in the space of like two months, and I don’t regret a moment of the days and nights lost. I worked through all of Happy Valley recently on my Sister’s urging, and I could happily watch it all over again. Even though it’s gone right off the boil, Walking Dead has me up every Monday morning to watch the new episode online. I’m involved in a sweepstakes for the winner of the Apprentice too, so that gets recorded every Wednesday. Preacher (and Joe Gilgun in anything) has been funny, violent and does a cracking job at bringing the comic to the screen. Oh, and I think Taskmaster is just incredible, and watching it makes me feel better about life.

Your favourite film?
Get Out springs to mind right off the bat. So well written, funny, dark and really made the most of the genre. I don’t think I’ve seen enough new films this year, but Star Wars is still to come, and it’s gonna be that innit.

Favourite venue of the year?
The Stand is just the best comedy venue going, and a lovely place to eat and drink. Total happy place. Manchester Comedy Store is rather wonderful, and I saw PUG at St Mary’s Heritage Centre which was an amazing space too.

What was your favourite gig of the year?
From a personal point of view, there are loads really. I’ve been all over and done a load of smashing places. From an audience point of view, PUG again, I saw Patrick Ziza perform a dance piece and it was one of the most incredible pieces I’ve seen in a long time. Company Of Others performing at Tyneside Irish Centre for PUG there blew me away too, and I was lucky enough to interview them beforehand. (Which you can read here). I’ve not had time to see enough bands this year, though NARC Fest and Evo Emerging were a blast, and I was a splendid drunken state at both.

What gifts are on your letter to Santa this year?
My flatmate is moving out, so more tat for the living room is a must. Been eyeing up Preacher Funko Pop figures for a while. A new bass guitar too. I sold my last one to pay for Edinburgh Fringe rent a couple of years ago, and I’ve really missed playing in bands. I’m also getting my horrendous flesh tunnels fixed in the new year, so Santa’s sorting me not being a little emo dweeb anymore.

And finally, what has 2018 got in store for you?
Loads. I get to see in the New Year with my favourite people as I’m performing at The Stand’s Hootfest shows in the run up to New Year and I’ve got a full January gig wise, so it starts off well, with gigs in Glasgow, hosting a Red Raw at The Stand in Newcastle as well as opening a weekend there. Fingers crossed I’ll be doing my first solo show at The Edinburgh Fringe in August, so still working on stuff for that. Writing more, getting involved in more exciting creative projects, and just seeing where it all goes. As ever, my only New Year’s resolution is just to “get lush”, so I’m hoping regular 5-a-side and gym times will help. I also reckon 2018 will definitely be the year I develop telekinetic powers, so might do something with that too.

You can see Si at The Stand, Newcastle hosting Stand Spotlight on Sunday 10th December, and on The Stand’s Hootfest shows from Wednesday 27th until Sunday 31st December. He also hosts South Causey Inn’s Comedy Night on Friday 15th December in Stanley and performs at Mr Shindig’s Comedy Emporium at The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle on Saturday 16th December,

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