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Shoe Cake Comedy Club runs the first Thursday of each month at Musiclounge Stockton. The next night is on Thursday 1st March and features some top up-and-coming talent. The shows then continue on the first Thursday of every month. To get you in the mood, asked Shoe Cake Comedy Club to tell us their all time favourite character comedians!

5. Rik Mayall
The late great Rik Mayall was very much a one trick pony with each one of his comedy characters. Rik from the Young Ones, Alan B’Stard, Drop Dead Fred, Lord Flashheart, and Richie in Bottom to name a few. All very silly, over exaggerated, slapstick, toilet humour – but extremely unique characters in very well written shows. There has never been a comedian that comes close to Rik Mayall’s  style and delivery. Richie in Bottom is a genius! you can’t help but feel sorry for this sad pathetic loser – an extremely funny character comedian indeed.

4. Monty Pythons Flying Circus
So many sketch shows look to the Python as their true inspiration. They broke the mould for surreal comedy, intelligent sketch, and stupid characters. Little Britain would never have happened without these clever devils. If any young readers are wondering who these are, they should definitely look them up.

3. Vic & Bob
The Masters of Character Creation. These two local legends have a catalogue of hundreds of different characters. From genius parodies of Lovejoy, Noel Edmonds,  Matthew Kelly, and Lloyd Grossman, to the unique brilliance of The Stott Brothers, Mulligan & O’Hare, Geordie Jeans, and Barron’s Nightclub. It was very tempting to have Vic & Bob as number one. Its a very close top 3.

2. The League of Gentleman
Dark, surreal, though provoking, works of art. That’s how I would describe some of the characters created by this amazing group of writers. 
Pauline, Mickey, Pappa Lazarou, The Dents, Edward and Tubbs, Herr Lipp, Mr Chinnery, Legz Akimbo …. the list is endless! We were delighted to see them reform for the three episodes over Christmas.

1. Steve Coogan
An unbelievable character actor.  Tommy Saxondale, Paul & Pauline Calf, Tony Ferrino, Duncan Thickett ….. and the legend that is Alan Partridge!
Not only does Coogan put so much work into the voice, mannerisms, and look of each character – the writing (as Alan Partridge would say) is first class!
I can sit and watch the entire back catalogue of every Coogan TV series and never get bored! He’s that good. I honestly cannot wait for the new Alan Partridge series to start this year, its going to be amazing!! 

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