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Image: Claire Venus

Creative engagement producer and mentor Claire Venus offers up some tips for creative adventures from the comfort of your home.

We made it to May…a May like we’ve never known before that’s for sure.  But here we all are! Here in Northumberland, my husband and I have found gratitude spilling over our over-full wine glasses. Life got complex and oh so simple all at once. We’re feeling rays of the sun and taking the opportunity to rest more deeply than perhaps we ever have. 

I’ve written this article to help you to freshen up your connection to your spaces and think about creative adventures from the comfort of your home.

Home working

Have you tried using your environment in different ways? You could try working in multiple places – changing up your workstations. You don’t have to lock yourself into one working position or chain yourself to the kitchen table. Try going paper based for an hour or following the sunlight around your home.   

You might even want to consider switching up your art work. Move/re-frame existing pieces for that fresh wall feeling or support Tyneside creatives by buying prints from the likes of For the Love of the North and Old School Gallery.

You can zone out areas of your home and change it each day or at the start of each week…whatever feels good! The only rules are the ones you set, let’s make the most of it!

Clocking off

What signifies clock off time? Maybe it’s an alarm, a walk round the garden/block or a glass of wine. If you want to take back your home at the end of a working day and go on some virtual creative adventures, here are a few ideas:

* Treat yourself to a new craft project then share it on the socials. Why not try out craft kits from local sellers including Make & Mend’s uplifting stitch projects, or Amy Lord’s book making kits and video tutorials

* Dress up and go to the theatre virtually. Our beloved North East theatres are closed but get your theatrical fix online thanks to Gateshead’s own GIFT Festival (1st-3rd May) or National Theatre London 

* Join an online book club. Yes, (silent introvert cheers) book clubs are cool again! Check out Culture Vulture’s Silent Book Club, Sarah Raad’s Simple Happy Life Book Club with a focus on self-development reads or my own Good Reads club which focuses on being the MOST creative you can be.

* Learn a new skill or just have fun trying. How about trying out life drawing workshops online with local aritst Bernadette Koranteng; try an online dance class via NEIDN; check out a range of activities at the Social Distancing Festival; Berwick-based illustrator Katie Chappel is about to launch an online illustration course with two other illustrator pals; and my husband David, has an online membership area for yoga/stretch/meditation as do a couple other North East yogis. 

* Visit a new North East community and support them. Our North East communities need cheerleading more than ever before! Take a look at the Facebook groups housing creative conversation and artists making beautiful work online. Buy something from an indie biz, listen to that podcast you’ve always meant to check out and leave a review. Newbiggin based Jason Thompson runs an online group called The Creative Collective; Festival of Arts Bedlington cancelled their festival but put some of its planned exhibitions, animations and poetry online, featuring Teesside Poet Bob Beagrie and animator Sheryl Jenkins among others.

See you on the flip side or online folks!

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