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Hannah Walker and her alter ego, Savvy B take a comic look at who we become when we drink and what it takes to sparkle. Featuring live drinking, the re-release of Hannah’s single that she made when she was sixteen (and thought was really good) and a hearty mouthful of public shaming, An Evening with Savvy B, created by Hannah Walker and Rosa Postlethwaite promises to be the best night ever when it comes to Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March. Before that though, Savvy told us her five cocktails that are imperative to a girls’ night out.

Sex On The Beach
A much loved classic easy on the eye and the liver, promises to have your inner “dancing queen” singing along to ABBA by midnight.

For the start of the evening when one can still hold their glass with their pinky in the air pretending they know just what goes into making this cocktail.

The Godfather
Your remembering being 16 , your favourite rock band are playing in “that” pub and you just want to head bang your tightly rolled curls right out on that dance floor.

Mai Thai
What’s that? Someone saying you need to go home? … I don’t think so, time to prove you’re a real party animal. GET THE TEQUILA COCKTAIL.

Long Island Ice Tea
You’ve stayed out longer than you planned, but your only 20 *cough* 30 once and you want to party the weekend away. Maybe with some cheesy chips. TAXI!

A Evening With Savvy B is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March.

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