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Ozzie blues-pop vixen Ruby Boots is set to play Sage Gateshead on Wednesday 7th June 7th with Nikki Lane. Now a fully fledged resident of Nashville, Ruby has chosen her top five artists from the country music capital of Tennessee.

Creamer are a brand new band, I think perhaps three, four months old at most. Lead singer Phillip Creamer who resides in Nashville via Dallas has one of, if not the, best voice in town. I’m in love with this band, I’m not sure how to even describe them stylistically, but when I think about how best to describe their songs the first thing that comes to mind is that they’re all class, the kind of Class Freddy Mercury exudes, and no matter how clever the songs they still manage to hit you where it matters inside. 

Brandy Zdan
I remember the first time I saw Brandy, it was probably through one of the tired sound systems going in Nashville, the vibe of the venue was cool but for the most part if the sound is bad, it’s hard to get a real grip on the soul of the music, but Brandy cut through all that instantaneously for me. I thought I was listening to an angel sing, there’s this soothing timber that rolls out with the power of each note, it’s fucking incredible, seriously! She’s got the right amount of attitude that shows you she won’t be messed with but without having to over play it, it all comes out through the songs, he voice and the music. Side note, she’s has the best guitar tone that I’ve heard in a long time, personal preference obviously comes into play with this final statement but for my taste it’s way up there! I’ve seen her plenty of times now since and she still has the same effect on me that she did the first time I saw her. 

Josh Hedley 
Josh has been an infamous side man for some incredible acts for years, from what I know he was playing fiddle in bars from the tender age of ten years old. Until recently, the only places you could catch him were at some of my favourite local Nashville honkey tonk haunts (Roberts Western World, The Nashville Palace) but he’s just stepped into the studio to make his debut record which I’m so pumped about. If you want to hear some REAL country music that shakes your heart carried by probably the most captivating male voice in the genre in the present day, then you need to see him out. 

Machete are yet another band without a record or any songs that’s have been released to the public, again the only way I’ve been able to see them are at my favourite clubs in town (The Five Spot, Mercy Lounge). They cross between psychedelic and punk with some of the coolest hooks I’ve heard in EVERY Single song which, once you’ve heard them for the first , ensures you won’t forget them

Nikki Lane 
You can call me biased but I would argue the fact! Nikki Lane is the hardest working person that I have had the pleasure seeing, knowing and now traipsing around Europe with since I landed in Nashville. Her work ethic and “force to be reckoned with” nature does not outshine her songs tho! She’s one of the most clever songwriters I know, and she doesn’t take any prisoners. Her new album Highway queen has just enough of, heartache, fuck you here’s my middle finger and clever tongue in cheek lyrics that roll out with the finest Melody’s in outlaw country, or just in music period. She does everything her own way, and it’s plain to see why because it works! 

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