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The last twelve months have had the NARC Magazine pages filled with the best creative talent, so we asked a few of them to be kind enough to share some words on the year coming to a close. Next up, it’s musician Richard Dawson.

So, how was your 2018?
It was alright, thanks.​

What was your best moment?​
I’ve given up on ‘best’. Old habits die hard but I’m doing my best to avoid thinking in this way. But some sure highlights were – making the Hen Ogledd album Mogic and getting it out there has been really good, launching at the star and shadow was so lovely. Visiting Helsinki and Venice was ace, playing Red Dead Dead Redemption II, writing and practising.​

And your worst moment?​
I guess the same applies as above. No best or worst. One thing can’t be separated from another, and the bad and good things are all one and the same! I didn’t enjoy more dental treatment though, I had terrible trouble with a filling and the onset of periodontal disease. More tinnitus is no fun but I’m handling it better. My disability benefit got cut – that’s been a horrific ride and it continues – the humiliation of an assessment by a person unqualified to do so, appealing the decision, re-appealing, and now facing a tribunal. More anxiety, getting fat, horror on the streets, more horrible politics, 

Your favourite band of the year?​
Favourite nothing! Enjoyed Snail Mail, Glorias Navales, Still House Plants, Bamboo, and always Sun Ra, Circle and Eliane Radigue.​

Your favourite song of the year?​
No favourites! But let’s just say ‘it’s ok to cry’ by Sophie​

Favourite TV of the year?​
Not really anything. Re-watched Sopranos and it was even more incredible. Enjoyed some of these true crime things. And we’ve been caning Derren Brown!​

Your favourite film?​
It was Leave No Trace this year? ​

Favourite venue of the year?​
Star and Shadow. ​

What was your favourite gig of the year?​
Fucking hell, favourite this, best that. Sun Ra, how’s that? Marshall Allen standing a foot away blasting us with his fire-horn. 

And finally, what has 2019 got in store for you?​
Writing, recording, playing, practising!

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